buffalo chicken pizza w/ blue cheese
from vanilliasugarblog.com

To make:
Bake a couple chicken breasts that are well coated with olive oil and salt & pepper in a 350 degree oven until done (about 30+ minutes?).

While chicken is cooling melt about 3-4 TB of butter with 1/4 cup of tabasco sauce (or franks hot sauce or whatever hot sauce you love). When chicken is cooled, break apart into large chunks, place in bowl and coat them with the hot sauce mixture.
Roll out pizza dough, put a thin layer of the hot sauce mixture on pizza dough, then top with a thin layer of monterey jack cheese (or whatever you like), then the coated chicken, then crumble some blue cheese over the pizza, and top with thin shreds of bermuda onion. (I also like to put a few extra onions, raw, on the pizza when it just comes out of the oven). 
You could also top this with some fresh chives when it just comes out of the oven.

Before it goes in the oven take a little bit of olive oil and lightly brush the outside of the pizza, then sprinkle same edges with a little bit of onion powder and some salt & pepper.

Bake in a 450/500 degree oven till nice and crisp (mine takes but 20 minutes to bake, but I like mine well done). 

Cook Notes: I used the whole grain pizza dough from whole foods it really is the best and you can't even tell it's good for you ha!. 
Use really good, moldy blue cheese, you can tell it's really good if there is a lot of blue in the middle. 
Do try the trick of olive oiling the edges of the pizza & seasoning just before baking, it really brings a nice tasty crust.