buckwheat-oat waffles (from the arrowhead mills buckwheat waffle mix)

There is no recipe.  I did not write it down--made it on the fly.  Sorry. 
But you're all smart bakers, so you should be able to figure this out if you taste as you go along and see how the batter comes together as you add in what I did (in the above photo). 

If you buy this buckwheat mix, remember to:

- this is based on use for 1/2 the bag, about 8-10 giant waffles.
- sub out the liquids it has on the directions with buttermilk and some oil.  
- I added in the quick cook oats (about 1/2 cup) to give it a nice crunch, you don't have too.  
- it did not say to add in the oil, but I did (about 2-3 TB) as the batter was very dry
- it does say to add in melted butter, I did plus a little extra
- I added in about 2-3 TB of light brown sugar to the batter
- I added in about 1 TB of cinnamon to the batter
- always always always taste- test before cooking to see what it needs.
- this batter is very lumpy and thick, that is good.  Watery thin is bad.
- as I said before the maple syrup was OK, a nice warm blueberry compote would be awesome with hot waffles or even warmed up blueberry jam.