blueberry shortcake

cook notes:
Catherine says that the cake is destined to sink once it cools, but I had no such problem.  
This cake does not keep well.  
By day 3 it was already getting hard.  So use it up in two days (which should be no problem). 

blueberry compote:
1 pint of blueberries
juice of one lemon
3-5 TB sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)
Cornstarch slurry (1 TB of cornstarch in ¼ cup of warm water)

Heat up In a small saucepan, heat up the blueberries with the lemon juice and sugar.  
Bring to a boil until most/some of the berries have broken up and this is visible juices.
Take off heat.  Get your slurry ready.  Add in the slurry when the berry mixture has cooled a bit.  
Mix well, put back on heat and heat over low heat until mixture has thickened a bit.  If it’s too thick, just add some water. 
I like mine fairly thick.  
Do a taste test when mixture is cooled to see if its sweet enough for you.

Cake base:
Makes one 9-inch cake

1 stick unsalted butter, room temp
1 1/3 cups sugar
3 large eggs, room temperature
2 ts vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour, sifted
2 TB cornmeal (I did NOT use this)
1/2 ts kosher salt
2 1/2 ts baking powder
1/4 ts freshly grated nutmeg
1/2 cup buttermilk, room temperature

Heat the oven to 375°F. Butter and flour a 9-inch springform pan, and set it aside.
Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, about two minutes. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating to incorporate after each addition, then add in the vanilla. Scrape down sides of bowl with a rubber spatula. Set aside.
Whisk together the flour, salt, baking powder, and nutmeg.
Add the flour mixture to the batter in 3 parts, alternating with the buttermilk, starting and ending with flour.
Make sure each addition is incorporated before adding the next, but don't over-beat it at the end. Spread the batter in the prepared pan and smooth the top.
Bake until the top is puffed and golden brown and a tester inserted in the center comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes. Cool on a rack before serving warm or room temperature.

To assemble:
Slice up cake and serve with blueberry compote and fresh whipped cream.