BBQ-blue cheese burgers with tomato-blue cheese slaw

1 pound of ground beef
4 generous Tablespoons of quality-aged blue cheese
barbecue sauce
toasted & buttered buns

for the slaw:
2-3 chopped tomatoes, no seeds
thousand island dressing
a couple handfuls of chopped blue cheese (or more)
broccoli or regular chopped slaw (cabbage)
salt & pepper to taste

For the slaw: mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Cover and let chill in fridge till ready to use.

Get your cast iron pan, fry pan or grill ready. I highly recommend using a grill--it helps the bbq sauce to harden and caramelize.
Form beef patties, split in half, place a good chunk or two of blue cheese in middle, close up good, seal edges.
On the last 5 minutes of cooking the burgers add on the bbq sauce and let it harden and caramelize on both sides.
Place on toasted bun, then top with the chilled tomato-blue cheese slaw.

Note: high quality blue cheese with melt right into the meat.  The flavor will be there, you just won't see the ooey cheese.