Note: All embedded creations on this site are now access through a https proxy server due to Google Chrome's recent implementation of not allowing access to sites embedded in an iFrame that do not originate from an https source. As the nature of free internet proxies tends to be tenuous, it very may well be that once again the embedded will not show up for you. Links to the actual creations are provided below the creations.

I will soon add a tutorial on how to get an https url for your creations to embed in Google Sites. The site I have used as of 11/17/2013 for generating an https url is  https://ssl-proxy.my-addr.com/ . Happy embedding.

Embed Your Creations In Google Sites

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This site is dedicated to showcasing examples of how to embed objects in Google sites. Unlike Blogger, Google only allows you to insert/embed it's own set of predefined objects into Google Sites, gadgets from third party vendors or if you are a coder, you can create your own gadget.

Since most of us are not coders, we need an easy hack to embed our creations. Following this example of how to embed a Voki into Glogster from Mark Brumley, I decided to try embedding my creations into Google Sites.

I embed creations using an iframe gadget from a third party vendor. iframes will embed an entire web page into your Google site.  The embed codes you get when you click "share" or "embed" will contain a URL of the object. This URL, if pasted into a browser, should show you a plain vanilla version of your creation without anything extra. This is the URL you need to find in order to embed your creations in Google Sites.

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