A screen capture utility for webcasts in mind 


Simple tool to capture screenshot to a Powerpoint file. I do this all the time, so decided to automate this for myself. Thought you might find it useful.


  • Capture screenshots to presentation by clicking on the little window that is always on top
  • Provides count of slides in the screenshots
  • Add notes to the slides - either as
     -  Speaker notes
     -  Text box callout on the slide
  • The camera and note screens are transparent - so you don't have to miss any action 
  • Thumbnail view of the capture are displayed when taking notes
  • You can pick the area of the screen that you want to capture
  • Use the options screen [O] to select the zoom and placement on the slide 

Although this was designed for documenting webcasts, you can just as well use it to capture a storyboard of any screen activity. However to create a PowerPoint screenshot storyboard automatically (i.e. without having to do all the photo clicking) you will need to use Q.E.D. (which has a recording feature)