SketchUp Models

This is a list of SketchUp models that I have created. Some for useful work; some just for fun. 

A more current list of my models

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Don't know what SketchUp is?

It is a very nice and for the most part very intuitive solid modelling tool aimed at Architects. After Google bought they have released it in the wild, so to speak, for all to play with. It is a good toy.

Download SketchUp from Google

Google's SketchUp Homepage 

Notes from a SketchUp addict.

Yes it is difficult to stop once you start drawing.

The only thing that I would like to change in SketchUp is the select and move. I am still not clear why 'move' is not the default option when you select something for the first time. Have trouble with that all time in what is otherwise the most intuitive solid modelling environment I have ever seen.

I am listing some models here.

Telephone Still haven't found a good solution for the cord but is an OK enough approximation for simple layouts