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- Edit Movies and Audio

- Join Movies and Audio

- Split Movies and Audio

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Shameless Promotion

The program that I am most proud of is this version of the popular game Boggle. It is entirely free like all other utilities that I have created.


Editing AVI files is easily done through VirtualDub but for .wmv, .flv, .rm and .mpg files the tools are less easily available. Some very good command line tools are available for editing these files viz.

  • AsfBin - Very, very well done editor for Windows media files
  • MpgTx - A tool being developed largely for POSIX apps. Tiny.
  • flvtool - A tool meant largely for metadata management.

Not all these programs are open source programs. Only MpgTx and flvtool are open-source tools. [Please bear in mind that you should get a license for AsfBin if you choose to use this for commercial use]

If you have Real Producer Basic 11 installed on your computer you may be able to use Movica to edit .rm files.

Movica is just a graphical user interface that uses these fine programs to edit movie files. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on keyboard shortcuts to make the job of editing easier.

Briefly what you can do is -

- Select or delete multiple portions from a video file.
- Copy, paste and fine tune the selections.
- Join multiple files together
- Split movies into smaller files
- Save and play selected scene without editing the movies

There has been some interest in editing .wma lossless format. So I have enabled support for .wma files. In summary

System Requirements

The program will run on any computer powerful enough to run Windows XP. Since it requires the use of the .NET framework, it will not run on Windows 98. Movica uses the Windows Media Player to play movies, which should already be on your computer unless you explicitly removed it. For the 3000 people in Europe who do not have Windows Media Player, it will not be possible to use Movica.


The utility plays the movie and lets you add selections. The selection is done through keyboard shortkeys, preventing errors / delays in trying to click buttons while editing.

Once the selections are made, you can fine tune them. A fine tuning slider appears at the bottom when a start-stop selection is chosen.


Most actions are done through keyboard shortcuts. The system has a bare-bones help file. Please send me any other instructions you would like me to include in the help file.

Help & Instructions

Keyboard Shortcuts


Since Movica is still in Beta, I still keep making some experiments. You can see these experimental features HERE