File Renamer 

A file renaming utility to change a lot of filenames and copy them to the clipboard 


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The tool was written as I was trying to put our baby's photos on the net. Trying to rename image files to meet hosting website requirements. Which is when I realised that the rename commands in DOS are seriously broken. 

The tool lets to set a serial number on the files 

Since I needed to paste the renamed filenames in the page creating utility, you can ask the utility to copy the new filename to the clipboard.

I have since found out that there a lot of other file renaming tools. So you have choices. This is just a very basic variety - useful only if you are looking for something that is less complicated to use.


 The safename option makes sure that there are no blank spaces in the name.

Other things that you may do is to add prefix, sequences and replace part or whole of the filename.



Pretty much all that you can do is visible on these screenshots