Computerised version of the popular word game. Perhaps I need to be a little more imaginative with the name. 

Would you like to see a Boggle in your language? I am sure that there are non-English versions. Just wondering if I should  modify this one so that  it can be customised for your language. Drop me a line .

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The latest version is 2.1

Greek Version (Experimental)

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Boggle is such a common and well known game that I won't describe the game here. This is just another computerised version. How is it different ?

  • Helps you in looking up information and meanings on the net.
  • You can maintain word-lists (and flash cards) to brush up on later.
  • Makes you look bad at the game because the computer can find words that you did not even think existed
  • The tool has a small anagram tool that can come in handy when solving jumbles and crosswords. [OK, not really. But that is the reason I wrote it. I just needed a dictionary that I could use ;)  ]


The game duration is displayed as words that you guess are sorted and displayed on the right 


On conclusion the words are checked for validity - rules of the game, availability on the grid, dictionary, etc.  






The list of the words found by you and the computer are displayed and scored














Graphical reports show comparisions of the word length profiles found by the computer and by you

Merely clicking on a word in the list brings upd lookup information on the word



How to play can be found in the help file. Just press F1

Or you can read that help   here

The rules of the game can be found here


There are a few things that you can customize in Boggle if you are technically inclined. These include

  • The default dictionary used - you might want an Italian dictionary (say)
  • The list of online dictionaries used
  • The time per game
  • And a few other things

If you would like to know how one can do this, please write to me. If there is sufficient interest in this, I might even write a few configuration screens in the game.