Omnium Gatherum

This is a simple page that I am using to keep odds and ends


You can also look at some of the articles that I have written for the Wikipedia. Please contribute to these articles if you can.

My Programs

I code for fun. I have written a few programs. 


Based on the game by Parker Bros. Just the computerised version. Helps you in looking up information and meanings on the net. You can maintain word-lists to brush up later.

This is a .NET application so you will need to have the .NET framework installed on your computer. If you are running Windows XP you probably have it on your computer already.

Of all the programs that I have written this is my favourite. Though the one that seems to be most popular is the one below.


Editing AVI files is easily done through VirtualDub but for .wmv and .mpg files the tools are less easily available. Two very good command line tools are available for editing these files viz.

  • AsfBin - Very well done editor for Windows media files
  • MpgTx - A tool being developed largely for POSIX apps. 

Both these applications are freely available for download for non-commercial use. 

Movica is a graphical user interface that uses these fine programs to edit movie files. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on keyboard shortcuts to make the job of editing easier.

File Renamer

This is a simple utility for renaming files. Since the file renaming in DOS is broken. I wrote the utility to help in uploading files to a website, so the utility can also copy the filenames to the clipboard. Makes life easier to post the filenames.


This is a web browser meant specifically for doing software demos. It allows you to highlight and zoom into parts of the screen. 


This is a simple screen capture utility. The thing that makes it unique is that it captures all the screenshots to a Powerpoint presentation. This was designed to take notes while attending webcasts.

Brilliant Baby

This is a very simple program to get a toddler to start on the alphabet. You can customise the images to match what works best for your child. Ours is happier with the keyboard rather than the pesky stub for a mouse on the laptop

Other Stuff


Indian Baby Boy Names

Spent a considerable amount of time collecting these. Please make use of it if you need to. It is an Excel file that you can easily manipulate.


I confess that I too am addicted somewhat to this wonderful solid modelling tool. Thanks to Google it is now free for dabblers. I would highly recommend that you take a look at it if you haven't already.