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Since Feb. 2014 in the App Store

Sums and Words

An app to help your kids learn math combined with simple spelling.
Solve words by solving sums. Choose your favourite words list theme.

iDNA-Match in the App Store

Since Nov. 2014 in the App Store

iDNA Match

Create your own iDNA profile on your iPhone or iPad and invite peers in your direct neighbourhood to exchange their profile with yours.
Match both profiles and watch the match score!
You can collect your iDNA matches and show them on the map.
Cool to see when and where you matched your profile!


Since July 2015 in the App Store

Disturbing Ants

Finally a game where you do not kill the ants.
Live and let live!


Since December 2015 in the App Store

Word-List Manager

Create your own Word-Lists and import them into the Sums and Words App.
It is also possible to buy to option to upload your Word-Lists to the global Sums-and-Words server.