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Participate in Research

We are currently inviting Coeliac UK members to donate a research sample of saliva/spit. 

Starting October 2009 we have been writing directly to around 12,000 Coeliac UK members who had previously expressed an interest in research. Currently (11 May 2010) we have had 8,027 responses (90.0% saying yes). We have now sent kits to all responding individuals, and processed the saliva DNA samples. 

The patient information sheet and questionnaire that was sent out with these kits can be found below. 

Patient Information Sheet


We will update everyone with the results of this project when we have them available both here and through Coeliac UK publications. 

In 2007 and 2008, details were included in a variety of Coeliac UK publications, including the Spring 2008 issue of Crossed Grain. In total we were able to collect over 1000 samples which led to us identifying seven further genetic regions that predispose individuals to developing coeliac disease. We are also inviting individuals with coeliac disease attending certain UK hospital outpatient clinics to donate a research sample. 

We are really pleased with the response from everyone involved so far and would like to say a big thank to all those who have helped us so far!