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Dr Karen Hunt

Dr Karen Hunt is a post-doctoral researcher working within the van Heel group. Her research interests include the genetics of complex diseases, with the major focus being coeliac disease. This involves both high-throughput genotyping and sequencing, cell culture, molecular and immunological techniques. 

She was a Pre-doctoral Presentation Award Semi-finalist at the 57th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics in San Diego, California, October 2007 and an Oral Presentation Finalist at William Harvey Day, Queen Mary University of London, 16th October 2007. 

Her key publications include: 

KA Hunt, DA van Heel; Recent advances in coeliac disease genetics; Gut (2009) 58(4):473-6 

KA Hunt, A Zhernakova, G Turner, GA Heap, L Frank, M Bruinenberg, J Romanos, LC Dinesen, AW Ryan, D Panesar, RGwilliam, F Takeuchi, WM McLaren, GKT Holmes, PD Howdle, JRF Walters, DS Sanders, RJ Playford, G Trynka, C JJ Mulder, ML Mearin, WHM Verbeek, V Trimble, FM Stevens, C O'Morain, NP Kennedy, D Kelleher, DJ Pennington, DP Strachan, WL McArdle, CA Mein, MC Wapenaar, PDeloukas, RMcGinnis, RMcManus*, C Wijmenga*, DA van Heel*; Newly identified genetic risk variants for celiac disease related to the immune response; Nature Genetics (2008) 40(4):395-402 

DA van Heel, KA Hunt*, L Franke*, R Gwilliam*, A Zhernakova, M Inouye, MC Wapenaar, MCNM Barnado, G Bethel, GKT Holmes, C Feighery, D Jewell, D Kelleher, P Kumar, S Travis, JRF Walters, DS Sanders, P Howdle, J Swift, RJ Playford, WM McLaren, ML Mearin, CJ Mulder, R McManus, R McGinnis, LR Cardon, P Deloukas, C Wijmenga; A celiac disease genome-wide association study identifies variants in the KIAA1109/Tenr/IL2/IL21 region; Nature Genetics (2007) 39(7):827-9 

*These Authors contributed equally to this article