Welcome to enter musical stories  of Mika Vanhanen Ensemble.

On this site you will find the lyrics of songs for "Punainen Lipas" (The Red Box) translated into English.  All the songs and original lyrics are by Mika Vanhanen (except Egypt and Song of the stone by Annukka Tiitinen). English versions are by Heli Paulasto. To browse the lyrics for each of 10 songs, click titles on the left.

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Mika Vanhanen Ensemble:

Esko Kauppinen, bass
Jari Lappalainen, percussions
Petri Karttunen, saxophone
Siiri Ahtola, lead vocals
Mika Vanhanen, piano, vocals
Risto Riikonen, guitars
Tuire Silvennoinen, background vocals, violin