Cut  Polished Loose Diamonds for Studded Jewellery

    We introduce ourselves as manufacturers of quality natural industrial diamond products.we have expertise of over 15 years in this industry. we are specialised in natural rough industrial diamond for manufacturing diamond dressing tools, mining, drilling, grinding, cutting, core drill bits, wire drawing diamond dies, jewellary tools and manufacturing various tools in diamond tools industry.
   We source these products from the leading manufacturers and supplier worldwide, we have set the benchmark in the industry through offering wide range of natural industrial rough diamonds. offering high quality products at most effective cost is our forte. our excellent customer oriented services enable us to achieve total customers satisfaction.we are counted as one of the leading natural industrial rough diamonds for manufacturering diamond tools.
    The rough diamonds that we manufacture are available in a
range of 2 cents to 4+ carats.we offer rough diamonds in various attractive shapes and sizes like cubic, octahedral, maacle twins, round etc. we manufacturing processed natural diamond grit and powder for mining, drilling, cutting and grinding tools and wheels, we always offer superior quality products, which ensure the optimum performance. we source these products from the leading manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.