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vanessa [dot] carbonell [at] uc [dot] edu

206D McMicken Hall
 University of Cincinnati
   Cincinnati, OH 45221-0374


I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Obed J. Wilson Professor of Ethics at the University of Cincinnati. I did my graduate work in philosophy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and my undergraduate work at Wesleyan University

My research investigates problems at the intersection of normative ethics, moral psychology, and metaethics. I'm interested in moral agents, both ordinary and extraordinary: what they're like, what morality demands of them, and the relationship between what they're like and what morality demands of them. One way I've explored these ideas is by looking specifically at "moral saints". More recently I've been thinking and writing about the relationship between knowledge and moral demands.

Most of my work is concerned with questions about moral agency, moral obligation, sacrifice, wellbeing, character, and the scope and limits of morality. I have related teaching interests (and occasional research interests) in medical ethics, family ethics, philosophy of punishment, and philosophy of law.


Spring 2015
PHIL 8080 Agency & Responsibility (Grad)
PHIL 5099 Senior Capstone

Fall 2014
PHIL 3020 Normative Ethics

PHIL 3046 Metaphysical Foundations of Technology

Spring 2014
PHIL 1088 Morality in Medicine

Fall 2013
PHIL 1088 Morality in Medicine
PHIL 3020 Normative Ethics

Spring 2012
PHIL 106 Intro to Philosophy: Ethics

Winter 2012
PHIL 332 Ethics & The Family
PHIL 782 Ethical Theory (Graduate)

Fall 2011
PHIL 108 Morality in Medicine 
PHIL 322 Ethics

Spring 2011 
PHIL 335H Ethics of Punishment (Honors)

Winter 2011 
PHIL 111 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 332 Ethics & The Family

Fall 2010
PHIL 322 Ethics
PHIL 720 Contemporary Ethics (Grad)

Spring 2010 
PHIL 519/719 Moral Psychology (Grad)

Winter 2010
PHIL 111 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 332 Ethics & The Family

Fall 2009
PHIL 106 Intro to Philosophy: Ethics
PHIL 306 Metaethics