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Welcome to the Vanessa Morgan Fan Site! On this website you can explore the professional life and photos of the rising star. Please feel free to look around!

                                                         Vanessa Morgan has been in many shows and movies, such as My Babysitter's a Vampire and Harriet The Spy. In both shows Vanessa has a starring role! Did you know Vanessa is also a skilled singer? She is not at all auto tuned. Vanessa Morgan singing Break Even by The Script! (These are not my videos)

YouTube Video

My Babysitter's A Vampire Movie Trailer

YouTube Video

Goodbye with not exact lyrics

YouTube Video

Girl Next Door Song

YouTube Video

Photos (These are not my photos)
Vanessa is currently 19 and was born on March 23! And has been in:

A Diva's Christmas Carol        as
Young Ebony

The Latest Buzz                     as
Amanda Pierce

Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars    as
Marion Hawthorne

My Babysitter's a Vampire     as

Frankie and Alice                  as
Young Frankie

My Babysitter's a Vampire (TV series) as

Geek Charming                    as


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