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What has been your most rewarding experience over the past few years?

I would have to say that my most rewarding experience has been tutoring another student because I like explaining things and I know that it is hard not understanding something and I wanted to help someone through that.  The student began doing better in class and I was very proud of them. 

What courses have been the most enjoyable for you? Why?

The classes that I have found most enjoyable are AP English, Engineering and music class. I like reading and analyzing books which is what we do in English class.  In engineering we get a taste of what engineers do, which I find interesting. Lastly, I love singing and music, so I have enjoyed all of my music classes.

What extracurricular activities have been most important to you? Why?

Chamber singing (small choral group), has been a lot of fun but challenging.  It is important to me because since we do more difficult music, I have learned a lot.  JSA (debate team) is also important to me because it helps with public speaking skills and allows me to learn about current topics. School improvement council is also important to me because I get to see how decisions are made for the school and can have a voice in what goes on.

What specific accomplishments are you most proud of? Why?

I am proud of getting second place in the school science fair my freshman year because I did the project on my own and I worked really hard on it. 

Are there any outside circumstances that have affected your ability to perform in school?

I had some health issues sophomore year and quite a few losses in the family this year but I have worked through everything and my performance in school has not really been hurt much.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

·        Chamber singers/chorus/musical theater

·        JSA

·        Yearbook

·        Help club

·        Church youth group

·        Junior class advisory

·        School improvement council


Honors/ Awards:

2nd place science fair and honorable mention regional science fair- freshman year

Honorable mention science fair and honorable mention regional science fair-sophomore year

Wellesley book award

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

Community Service:

-Walk for Hunger-participated in walk to raise money (freshman & sophomore)

-Junior Honor Guard

-Walk for breast cancer weekend- helped make medical equipment (shoe and lace pads)

- tutoring – tutored another student who could not afford tutor (sophomore &Junior) / help club (senior year)

-“Somervision”-participated in group to discuss the bettering of Somerville

-“what the fluff” festival-helped raise money for Somerville high music department (freshman/sophomore/junior)



-         Market Basket –cashier (Summer after freshman year until half way through Junior year)

-         Hollister-model/associate (half of junior year to present)

Eportfolio- student member creating online portfolio (senior ye