Social Media Policy - Vanessa Irvin, Ed.D.

I. Purpose / Goals. The purpose of this policy statement is to detail my intentions for participating on various online platforms. My framework for participating on social media involves a three-pronged approach:

Engagement. Engaging in social media is a constant sharing of information and ideas. I am mindful to consistently engage on the sites that I participate by sharing news stories, videos, statuses of my own ideas, and website links that I feel will be of interest to those I am connected to, and will also contribute to knowledge in the world. I engage on Twitter and Facebook, primarily.

Conversation. With social media, conversations breed new information and new understandings for questions, ideas, and debates from all over the world. I maintain sincere networking friendships with people I have met online, from all over the world. I nurture and cultivate my online relationships via quick response to comments, emails, status updates, sharing files, etc. I am faster on some platforms than others, but I am always sincere in my communications, and if you post, tweet, or comment to me, I will do my best to promptly respond.

Change. Social media is now a vital component of the constant changing medium of the World Wide Web. As a scholar who studies libraries and information science, I am interested in how online participation contributes to and impacts the evolution of digital platforms and how people modify their interactions with technology as media shifts and changes. I keep track of technological advancements and changes by posting links and other resources on my Twitter timeline.

II. My Brand. As a personal entity, representing only myself, my brand can be identified via my user name: "vanessairvinedd" and my logo image as rendered consistently across platforms. I strive to keep my brand consistent across all social media platforms where I hold a profile. I am constantly working on my brand, so there may be a few exceptions in the use of it on certain profiles.

III. Active Outlets. I am active on the following social media outlets:

Twitter: @vanessairvinedd

LinkedIn: Vanessa Irvin, Ed.D.

Pinterest: vanessairvinedd*

Instagram: vanessairvinedd*

Facebook: Vanessa Irvin*

*My Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts are private accounts; my Facebook account is not public on search engines. To access my Facebook account, you will have to friend request me. There are some contingencies for my personal/private social media connections, in order to protect the privacy of my family and friends, and to preserve my right to have space online purely for my enjoyment. 

The contingencies are few:
-- If we have never met, and/or we are connecting purely for professional exchange, I will more than likely accept your friend request under a restricted, limited profile. 
-- If you are a student in my LIS classroom, I will more than likely accept your friend request after a mutually beneficial relationship has been established during our work together, and only after final grades have been submitted for the semester in which you are enrolled in my class.
-- I reserve the right to not accept friend requests at my own personal discretion.
-- IMPORTANT: I do not engage in professional requests on Facebook. If you would like to contact me for professional reasons, please email me at:

III. Representation / Target Audiences. If you google me as "vanessa irvin edd" or any variation thereof, you may see me listed with affiliation to major universities. Please know that as a personal, independent entity, I represent myself as a librarian educator and scholar, and that my online views and activities, do not represent or reflect on my employer, or any university, government, school, corporation, or non-profit agency, unless specifically identified within a .edu domain.

As a librarian educator who is also a tech geek, I primarily engage in conversations with the following groups:

-- librarians

-- teachers

-- authors

-- students

-- academics

-- bloggers

-- social media experts

-- second lifers and gamers

-- web site designers and developers / IT professionals

If you are not of this ilk, I may not respond to you quickly, but I will eventually respond.

IV. Engagement / Disengagement. I participate on Twitter and Facebook daily. I engage on my other social media accounts on an as needed basis. I am officially offline (including email) on Saturdays and Sundays.

V. Updates / Maintenance. I update my website design (to tighten code, tweak for branding, web standards compliance, etc.) as often as possible, at least once per quarter, sometimes more. My social media participation automatically updates across platforms, culminating into a mashup of widgets on my personal website, so content on my website is constantly updated. I check for live links often. If you see any dead links, please email me [vanessairvinedd (at) gmail (dot) com] to let me know. Thank you.

This social media policy will be updated as circumstances change and evolve.

|| Last update: 01 May 2016.                                                                                                                                                                                   Go to Vanessa's website