I received my Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield in 2016, whose research consisted in determining if body size influenced the bone degeneration rate at the pelvic joints. I am a research associate in CIAS - Research Centre for Anthropology and Health and CEFCentre for Functional Ecology - Group of Paleoecology and Forensic Sciences, University of Coimbra. Currently, I am also part of the fiscal board for GEEvH – Group of Studies in Human Evolution.

Currently, I am interested on the history, importance, curatorial practices, and ethical implications of the creation of the identified skeletal collections. I am also focusing on the implications of the dissemination of three-dimensional models of skeletal remains online.

I am keenly interest at the field of age at death estimation, especially determining which factors influence bone degeneration in adults, to understand bone metamorphosis and its influence in age estimation.

I have been involved on the study of age estimation of immature individuals; paleopathological analysis, cremated remains analysis; three-dimensional scanning; and the establishment of sex diagnosis methods.

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Vanessa Campanacho,
Oct 11, 2018, 6:28 AM