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Ray Walston, "My Favorite Martian"


They Come From Beyond

January 11, 2010


On July 23, 2008 at a tiny radio station in Birmingham England, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, celebrated NASA astronaut and sixth man to walk on the moon, revealed to the world that planet Earth was actively being visited by alien beings.  The news so shocked the DJ interviewer that he thought the good doctor was pulling his leg.  But Mitchell was doing no such thing.  He stated firmly that, “I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes, we have been visited."


Dr. Mitchell, 78, certainly is in a very good position to know what’s going on with spacecraft and astrophysics, in which he holds a doctorate degree.  He and astronaut Alan Shepard hold the record for longest space walk in history.  Dr. Mitchell said that visitations had been going on for nearly sixty years and that governments around the world had been covering them up.  NASA, immediately denied the claim and issued a statement saying, “Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.”


The first question for us is what does a 78 year old decorated, lauded, accomplished astronaut have to lose?  The probable answer is – nothing.  It’s interesting this is the time in life men choose to be most honest.  Why would they lie?  When a man sees his life nearly over there is no disincentive that can keep him from doing that which is divinely instilled.  The good doctor apparently reached that point last year and decided to disclose what he knew to be true.  His act makes Dr. Mitchell all the much greater an American.  This is what great men do.  Americans should deepen their respect for such a man.  We should study the integrity with which he acts.  It is very likely the lesson an advanced civilization would want us to learn.


While ufologists, space enthusiasts and sci-fi fans have long believed in the existence of other beings in the universe – Dr. Mitchell confirms them.  And he said that the beings he was familiar with, “Are small and strange looking to us.”  Anyone who has watched a Star Trek movie knows that.  Dr. Mitchell also told the audience that the visitors have much more sophisticated technology that we do.  That’s no stretch.  Human beings have been building technology in earnest for all of two hundred years.  According to Mitchell alien technology is so sophisticated that should they be hostile, they would easily overwhelm us.  It is likely that any civilization capable of visiting us by spacecraft or other cosmic means, would consider us crazy ants on a crazy ant hill in a great blue oasis.


The potential for antagonism is troubling however.  It is presumably one reason governments have been hiding the news for sixty years.  The difference in powers between a highly sophisticated culture and a primitive one like ours creates an imbalance of karmic energy.  In circumstances where one lifeform is far advanced of another – the life-force disparity creates conflict.  And though Dr. Mitchell tells us these alien beings are not hostile, one must ask, why would they be friendly?  How friendly is the normal human being toward a fruit fly?  Or a ferret?  Or fire ant?   And what would lead us to believe aliens possess enlightenment?  Why would we think enlightened beings would treat insect-level beings like anything more than… insects?


Another reason governments may have been hiding this news is it means big business – for governments.  Especially governments that have made secret treaties and deals with our visitors.  Imagine the great patents one could secure with the help of a technically inclined profiteering “My Favorite Martian.”  On the other hand we may discover vast new trading opportunities.  we could market our products and services not just to planet Earth – but millions of planets across the universe.  Which BTW, would fatten the cheques we're owed from Talent and Residuals.


The disturbing news in Dr. Mitchell’s disclosure is that mankind must prepare to be over or under-whelmed by an advanced civilization. We must be prepared to be walked over, spit upon, kicked at, and treated with dispassion.  While we hope this is not the treatment we receive, we must assume that it is in some sense, the case.  Dr. Mitchell claims the beings he is aware of are not hostile.  Hostility takes form in many shapes and appearances.  Simply look at our own intuitive reaction to annoyances from insects.  What do we do to those who bother us?  We annihilate them.  There is little psychological or spiritual reason to doubt that advanced beings will not treat us the same.  The human race would be naive to believe anything different.


If we want an historical view of the arrival of alien beings, we can study our Spanish explorers. Or the Roman conquerors.  Or the British colonialists.  Any civilization as advanced as the one Dr. Mitchell confirms – will create an enormous power disparity.  We need only look to the indigenous peoples on Earth to understand what may become of the rest of us.  Dr. Mitchell has not long to live with the effect of his disclosure.  He will not witness the corruption that an alien presence may cause amongst our people.  But the rest of us should be forewarned.  Alien beings, beings from other dimensions, “enlightened” beings - we will likely discover, are not so different from ourselves.  And they may turn out to behave very much like us – except with a veneer of hospitality painted over intelligence.  Hospitality even when disingenuous, is a very big business.