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A Story of Ruth
September 14, 2008
"There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed."  John W. Keely

We have
recently been witness to an extraordinary human experience.  So extraordinary as to pause at length to collate the thoughts and emotions the experience gives rise to.  First, let’s describe as best we can the experience to you.  An autistic child, two loving parents and an extended family of dozens if not hundreds of friends and relatives.  The child’s autism for the ten years of her life, is manifested in disability to see at near distances and near total lack of short term memory.  The little girl can barely see an object set in front of her.  And even when assisted by other senses (touch, sound, smell) she will immediately forget the object when her attention is changed.  Generally referred to as autism spectrum disorder, her blindness and memory loss make her a difficult challenge.  Strangely however, she exhibits compensating abilities.  While near distance vision is impaired, her distant vision is extraordinary.  Opticians rate her distant vision at 22, 24 and are at a loss to explain the discrepancy.  And her long term memory is also extraordinary.  Though she can not remember an object like a spherical globe from moment to moment, at a year’s distance she can describe the exact circumstances she first encountered the globe.  And, to further complicate the condition, she can describe the mathematical formula to create a sphere.  Neurologists, behaviorists, psychologists have no explanation.

We will name the little girl, Ruth.  She is the pride and joy of her loving family.  But on one particular day a short time ago, we saw a personification of that joy transform Ruth in an astonishing way.  Somehow and we know not how, perhaps the steady accumulation of love and tolerance reached a critical mass.  That mass catalyzed by one person, caused an extraordinary physiological change in Ruth… and she began to see.  And with her new vision came short term recall.  Ruth was, (we use this cautiously) miraculously healed.  Though we cannot explain this transformation, we can react to it.  We can attempt to understand it.  And it may be in some cosmic way that the transformation of Ruth was meant to focus our vision on things that matter most to us.  

Ruth’s transformation was stimulated by a kind of catharsis.  The day that her vision changed was a day she experienced something entirely new.  She was introduced for the first time to a blood relative.  That relative was her older sister Helen who had gone to live overseas before Ruth was born.  Ruth had never met Helen.  The meeting clearly had some extraordinary effect.  We could see it plainly as Helen spoke to Ruth for the first time.  With Helen’s first words a sudden change crossed Ruth‘s face.  She looked directly at Helen and listened intently.  And as Helen spoke, Ruth began to weep.  Quietly.  With no hysterics or outbursts.  Ruth stood slowly and walked to her sister.  She looked straight into Helen’s eyes, listening to her words.  Then Helen asked this question,  “Ruth, do you know who I am?”  Ruth nodded.  ”Who am I?” said Helen.  “You are Ruth,” came the reply.

In the past we have written in these pages of our philosophy of love.  We have attempted to describe our belief that the emotion we call love is in fact far more than that.  That love is a force able to touch anything and everything throughout eternity.  It is a force of absolute good and creation, and it cannot be destroyed.  We raise this thought now because we are convinced that it was the force of love that wholly transformed Ruth.  Or perhaps it transformed us.  Perhaps it was we, those of us around Ruth that were suddenly able to better understand her being.  Quite possibly it was both Ruth and us that were changed that day.  But our speculation into the phenomenon of Ruth’s transformation goes much deeper.  It touches upon our understanding of the physical and spiritual universes.  It exercises our belief in the power of resonance within those universes.  It underscores the workings of sympathetic vibration, the physics of quantum and string theory, and the coherence of two souls into the power of two thousand.  Our story of Ruth takes us to some very new places in our journey.  And the time seems exactly right to do so.

In the late nineteenth century John Worrell Keely uncovered the universal principle of sympathetic vibration.  Keely was a philosopher scientist, contemporary of Edison and Tesla who came to understand the force he had discovered was akin to the power we call "love."  A very simple material example is two identical tuning forks.  Strike one tuning fork and bring it within a foot of the second tuning fork, and the second tuning fork will resonate, sounding the same note as the first.   It does so by absorbing energy from the first tuning fork and vibrating at the exact same frequency.  We could say the second tuning fork was “sympathetic” to the first.  On a philosophical level when one person offers truth to a second person - the second person responds sympathetically.  They absorb the energy of the first person and vibrate at a similar emotional level.  Often a person who simply listens to truth or love, will sympathize exactly with the person who speaks it.  Both the tuning forks and the people are “resonating” with each other.  Every thing, physical or metaphysical resonates at a certain frequency or vibration. 

Our current understanding of quantum mechanics includes a strange phenomenon called the non- local effect.  On the quantum level everything is very small.  If we propel a unit of light called a photon into a beam splitter where it is carved in two, we can observe the non-local effect.  First we send the two photons in opposite directions, say to opposite ends of the world.  Then, if the quanta of one photon alters we see the exact same change in the second photon - even though it is thousands of miles apart.  In human terms it is similar to twins raised in separate households, exhibiting the exact same likes and dislikes.  Moving to the cosmological level a prime contender for unified field theory is “string theory.”  At its most basic, string theory states that all matter and energy in the observable universe is composed of tiny packets of energy called strings.  The strings vibrate endlessly.  It is a function of these vibrations that define matter, gravity, energy and even anti-matter.  This “theory of everything” is based on one fundamental idea - vibration.   Or as Keely would call it, sympathetic vibratory physics.  Or as Keely the philosopher would call it, the power of love.

What does any of this have to do with our story of Ruth?  Let’s assume that Helen’s affection for her sister was expressed as a genuine outpouring of love.  When Helen first met Ruth she felt the immediacy of fraternity, sympathy for her circumstance and compassion for her suffering.  In other words Helen radiated pure love to her sister.  Ruth felt this immediately and radiated the love back.  When two sources of energy resonate closely, the force it creates multiplies.  On the spiritual level the force grows exponentially.  On the physical level resonance causes further resonance in the vacuum, or in nineteenth century terms, “the ether.”  In both cases the energy, or love multiplies.  With Ruth (we speculate here) the multiplication was great enough to begin to correct the physiological failings in her body.  The appearance of Helen in Ruth’s dim world so catalyzed her self-awareness, and so imbued her being with the power of love, her body found a way to heal. 

Yes, the forgoing is pretty woo woo.  It is “out there” by today’s standards of science and even philosophy.  But we believe it’s an entirely new understanding of our physical and metaphysical world.  That understanding is based on the universal phenomenon of resonance.  All things resonate.  And when resonating at the most optimal level, forces of enormous power are created.  Studies along these lines have been going on for nearly thirty years at Princeton’s Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program, which has flourished under the aegis of Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science.  Now known as International Consciousness Research Laboratories, their studies continue as an independent not-for- profit organization in New Jersey.  

The implications of understanding these phenomena are legion.  Our world is about to change dramatically because of this understanding.  We are on the brink of accessing a new form of energy that is not readily constrained.  It is energy that is truly ubiquitous here on Earth and throughout the universe.  It demands enormous responsibility.  Its misuse has the potential to destroy our race.  We are challenged to meet those responsibilities and manage those potentials for the benefit of all mankind.  We have seen the astonishing presence of good in our story of Ruth.  We would like to see that good benefit another story... that of Mother Earth. 

Thanks to DP Wits et al.