7A Vane Attempt

"Don't Need a Weatherman To Tell Which Way the Wind Blows" 

A Series of Innocuous Blogs for Vainglorious Edification.

Ever, Ever So Good 
(nearing to Christmas 12/22/2006)

On a boisterous evening celebrating the departure of a beautiful friend back to Germany, we found ourselves talking about love.  Not just the love between couples, or in relationships of various kinds, but love created by compassion.   We have little in fact or matter to prove our point of view.  But we have a belief - something that rises from the sub-conscious, the pre-programmed cellular DNA, the unconscious interior of the heart and mind where - we imagine, there is greater truth than in all the planes of existence. 

Our belief is unadorned.  That love, created by care, compassion and even belief itself - can never be destroyed.  Love is the most primal cohesive in the universe.  It emanates, not unlike wave phenomena from its source outward.  But unlike wave phenomena, love has no boundaries.  It is boundless, timeless, space-less and inter-dimensional.   It is true that the love created by two people toward one another, their families, acquaintances and friends, is a force of such omnipotence that, once created, it can never be destroyed.  Yes, dissipated, mitigated, refracted perhaps by its journey - but it remains forever.  And in opposition to destructive emotions that distort matter e.g. hate, anger, prejudice.   Love, what little or lot of it is created by any being, continues on - propagating like coherent energy, but without any physical bounds.  Because it is the purest of all sources of energy.  It is the substance of the creators, of the stars, stardust and all that is good, anywhere.

The beauty of love’s power is that it matters not who or what creates it.  It can be human love, love between a person and a companion, love created in nature by delicate balances of biology; love in habitat and the elements that make up its substance.  Love is the uninhibited movement of benevolence from one, to another.  What matters is that the intention of life that creates love is good.  A single act of compassion, where one heart hurts or rejoices in sympathy with another - is an expression of love.  That emotion, the good that springs from the energy behind it, propagates outward - without bounds, without restraint or restriction - because the most powerful entity in the universe has no bounds.   It is all powerful.  At the risk of stridence we believe these things deeply.  We each have the gift of creative love and to use it is to meet divine intent. 

The good news is simple.  The love we create in whatever capacity, under any condition or circumstance - will never be destroyed.  It becomes fully integrated to the fabric of divine light.  Creating love is the divine right of all life.  And it is the wisdom of the divine light, that bestows that right upon us all.  It is joyful and we make a joyful noise unto our creators!  Because there is no greater wisdom that we need. 

Kiss your child, your significant other, your parent, your tomato plant.  Give your love to another.  Each time you do so, you set another brick into the foundation of the greatest most magnificent cathedral in the firmament.  You help build a thing that will never disappear.  A creation that cannot be destroyed and that will shine its light upon the poor, the meek, those most in need.  It is a creation that will stand forever, an indestructible force against which all other forces have little power.  It is made by you, by me… by us.  It is ever, ever so good.