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"Real News" is a new feature on Vane Attempt. What we strive to bring you is a new perspective on world news. It is light hearted, fun, a little irreverent but filled with love. We hope you'll take a moment to follow our links to discover the stories and articles that you'll never see in your mainstream or off-stream press. "Real News. "

NOTE: "Real News" is presently a series of links to multimedia podcasts. You will need to be able to view and listen to multimedia stories on your computer (a Quicktime, Media Player, or Real Media plugin)



Onion News Network: Diebold Accidentally Leaks Election Results

Reuters Oddly Enough: And Finally, Interrogation Vacation

Reuters Oddly Enough: And Finally, New Dance Craze

 There is a difference between a stand up comic and a social satirist. The stand up comic makes you laugh. The social satirist, e.g. Mark Twain, Will Rogers, makes you laugh and think while you're at it. George Carlin has been a prime example of this for thirty five years and demonstrates so in this commentary on the state of our planet Earth. In our opinion this is good news.

George Carlin: The Planet Is Fine