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Please be aware of the ASB Financial Policy while ranking your sites.

All of our sites are 12 person sites, except where indicated. Each site is unique and provides an in-depth look into the particular social issue of interest. ASB trips are a great way to meet new friends from all parts of the campus and a fun filled time focusing on education, reflection, and service. These key aspects of our trips make them different from other service trips that you may have experienced before. ASB is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow as a person and discover new passions that you would've never thought of before. 

A Dios Le Pido
Monterrey, Mexico - Alyse Andalman / Maeghan Wilson
 Price: $750

     Nearly 70% of the Monterrey population belongs to the lower class, receiving an average monthly wage of 93 dollars.  Participants on this site will work with Caritas de Monterrey, a Central American equivalent to the Red Cross.  Through involvement with a medical and dental brigade, food bank, and other social services, participants will experience direct interaction with a wide variety of community members. Participants can expect to have a different adventure every day with Caritas.  Participants will also stay in a homeless shelter and enjoy swapping stories with the residents and children who live there. This site is structured to immerse participants in both the poverty and the culture of the city.  In order to fully appreciate the culture and to best serve the community, knowledge of Spanish is required.

A Whole New World
Xela, Guatemala - Allie Federoff / Dan Wallace
Price: $750

     Home to some of the most picturesque cities in Central America and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala still faces many of the challenges of an underdeveloped nation.  The participants on this site will work with Primeros Pasos, a free clinic that provides services for children who live in small mountain villages.  Participants will work to renovate the facilities and provide assistance to the clinic and the community.  While at the clinic, participants will be a part of the clinic’s free health programs for children and will interact with the children through games and teaching. Participants will be fully immersed in the unique culture by going to Santiago and working with special needs children and enjoying meeting the people of Guatemala. This site will allow participants interested in healthcare or community development the opportunity to experience these fields firsthand.  Knowledge of Spanish is necessary in order to explore all this site has to offer.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Kentucky - Alyssa Barbieri  / Matt Rotenberry
Price: $260

     McCreary County, Kentucky is isolated in the Appalachian Mountains in the Eastern Coal Fields Region of Kentucky.  Although it is located in beautiful mountains rich with natural resources, the people of McCreary County are not so fortunate.  Participants will join the McCreary County Community Housing Development Corporation to help improve the quality of housing for county residents.  Help is desperately needed in this area to provide livable housing in one of the poorest counties in the United States.  Work often involves roof and flooring repair, as well as porch and ramp building. Participants of this site have the opportunity to give residents with special needs a fresh start in a new home.   

All the Kids Are Right
 Kansas City, MO - Jena Carpenter / Diana DeTrizo
Price: $260

Operation Breakthrough is the largest day care facility in the state of Missouri, caring for infants through children aged 6 years.  Many of these children are under state protective custody due to their exposure to physical and/or substance abuse.  ASB participants will help the understaffed organization care for, play with, mentor, and educate approximately 350 children who come from impoverished, homeless, and single-parent families.  Niles Home for Children is the other main organization and is both a K-12 school and a foster home for “behaviorally-challenged children.”  Here, participants will also have the chance to act as mentors as they see up close the impact of neglect and abuse on inner city children.

All You Need is Love
Beaufort, SC   - Catherine Blessing / Shayan Shakiba                                                                                             Price: $260

 Located in the Low country of South Carolina, Beaufort is a community known for its antebellum homes and waterfront beauty. However, many Beaufort residents are gripped by poverty and are struggling to educate their children in an overcrowded school system. During the week, participants will tutor children in elementary school classrooms.  In the evenings, the children of the Boys and Girls Club of Beaufort will be eager to play with and be tutored by participants.  If you want to experience a unique community that confronts religion, race, and poverty in the South, look into Beaufort.

Beautiful Day
New York City, New York - Alex Beard / Bethany Glass
Price: $285

    Located in the heart of New York City, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) is the largest comprehensive AIDS care organization in North America.  This non-profit provides its clients with everything from medical advice, to legal advice, to childcare.  Most importantly it provides a community in which those affected by the AIDS pandemic can gather together daily for a free meal and classes on topics such as advocacy, prevention, meditation, and acupuncture.  ASB participants will become a part of this community, serving and eating lunch alongside the GMHC's clientele, as well as attending classes and helping representatives from the many offices in the GMHC. When not at the GMHC, participants will enjoy the sites of New York City while working with God's Love We Deliver, an organization that delivers healthy meals to HIV positive clients who may not be able to afford them, or who for a variety of reasons are unable to leave their homes.  

Beautiful Soul
Green Cove Springs, FL - Erin Bracco / JD Jacobson
Price: $285

Participants on this site will work with Challenge Enterprises, a non-profit organization serving those with physical and mental disabilities and empowering them to reach their potential. During the week, students will work at the Lighthouse Learning Center where they will interact with children with special needs in the classroom and help the school with special projects to improve the facility (making bulletin boards, organizing rooms, etc.).  In the evenings, the participants will be able to hang out with some of the adults who Challenge Enterprises serves by interacting with them during fun activities such as bowling, eating dinner together, and karaoke! All participants who go on this site will learn more about those with special needs by interacting with kids and adults on a daily basis, and learn more about themselves and their attitudes throughout the week. This is a great site for pre-med and Special Education majors!

Big Yellow Taxi
Florida Everglades - Josh Rouch / Ginny Savage
Price: $285

    As a beautiful but fragile ecosystem, the Everglades are unique and have habitats that cannot be found anywhere else.  Despite being protected as a National Park, these wetlands and their wildlife are faltering from human impact.  The Everglades National Park is made up of 1.6 million acres of wilderness at the southern tip of Florida with 9 distinct habitats. Participants on this site will camp inside the park and focus on conservation education and direct environmental service, which may include manatee watching, snorkeling to observe aquatic restoration, park upkeep, seabird rescue, mangrove planting, working in a recycling center, and learning about coral reef preservation.  This site is action packed, and you will not be disappointed!

Brick House
Zellwood, FL - Mike DiBenigno / Rebecca Metry
Price: $285

    Anthony House is a facility for homeless families, which endeavors to strengthen an individual through different means such as education, money management, and family counseling, as well as providing shelter and meals. Past participants have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the staff and the residents of Anthony House, and these connections have helped them understand poverty and homelessness from a different perspective. Participants can also work on a “hallways to success photo project” in which they would help sort photos memorializing each guest’s steps to success.  This is also a great site for participants who love kids.  Opportunities to interact with children include reading and planning a field trip for them..  The Anthony House is located in central Florida 30 minutes away from beautiful beaches, natural parks, and theme parks.  Throughout this week of service, participants will have the opportunity not only to make a positive impact in the lives of the guests at Anthony House but they will also have the chance to learn something about themselves and the struggles that people face.  

Carolina On My Mind                                                                                                                                      North Carolina  Bharath Ganesan / Lauren Knish                                                                                            Price: $260

The Great Smokey Mountains National Park is “America’s most visited national park” – a beautiful habitat for a range of flora and fauna.  However, the park is in peril; it currently suffers from overgrown trails and pollution from hikers.  Help combat these issues during a week of service with park rangers in one of America's most beautiful national parks. Also, interactions with local agencies will deepen the participants' understanding of environmental and rural issues facing the area.


Change Your Mind
Washington, D.C. - Ravi Patel / Megan Ward
Price: $285

    AIDS is the leading cause of death in African-American women ages 25-34, so conservative estimates suggest that 10,000 children in the Washington region could be orphaned by AIDS when they finish high school. Metro Teen AIDS is dedicated to preventing HIV infection among young people in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and improving the quality of life of those affected by the virus.  Metro Teen AIDS has led the fight against adolescent HIV/AIDS, providing services for over 100,000 young people, their family members, and those who work with them.  Participants will work on the Street Outreach and peer education programs.  Also, participants will prepare and disperse meals with Foods and Friends, an organization that prepares, packages, and delivers meals and groceries to more than 1,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses throughout Washington, DC and 14 counties of Maryland and Virginia. 

Mississippi Delta - Julie Reavie / Cole Seaton
Price: $260

    The economic disparity in the state of Mississippi has become increasingly apparent.  In fact, the Mississippi Delta is one of the poorest regions in the United States.  Current economic problems have been linked to its history of enslavement and the legacies of Jim Crow laws, racial segregation of public schools, and the disenfranchisement of African-American people.  In the mornings, ASB participants will have the unique opportunity at St. Gabriel's Mercy Center to spend time getting to know senior citizens who will share their personal stories about life during the civil rights movement.  In the afternoons, participants will get to play with and tutor children at this community center's after-school program and work with students who are part of the center's GED program.  In addition to these activities, participants will do some manual labor to improve the quality of St. Gabriel's facilities and will work with the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.

Come Together
Lansing, MI - Erica Nimri / Gian Rossi
Price: $260

    Lansing, Michigan is a historical home to refugees, and in each of the last 5 years over 300 immigrants of the Islamic faith from various Islamic countries around the world have come to call Lansing home. The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing looks to ease this transition, and has programs that help out with problems ranging from health services to high school transition and improvement of low quality housing. Participants will take part in all of these services, while being immersed in the refugees' rich diversity of culture and building bridges, which will change the way in which each group sees each other and itself.

Country Grammar
Rome, GA - Alyssa VanCamp / Audrey Flak
Price: $260

     Nestled in between Chattanooga, Tenn. and Atlanta in the Northwest Georgia foothills, Rome is a growing city recently rewarded as one of the “Best Places to Live” in America.  Still, Rome faces many social problems that growing cities are facing today. Participants will be working at Southeast Elementary, a K-6 grade school in a low income, public housing district of Rome. Most of the students live below the poverty line and many come from homes well entrenched in the area’s drug economy. Participants will tutor and mentor children, help with the school programs, and learn about the efforts to help mothers and their children get out of poverty.

Country Roads
West Virginia - Allen VanTrease / Kimi deMent
Price: $260

Tucked in the rural Appalachian Mountains lies many poverty-stricken communities.  Participants will be working with the Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) to help build new homes in new communities.  Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the construction.  In addition to building houses, participants will weatherize houses and make minor rehabilitations to poorly constructed houses.  SALS promotes unity of area communities, health care reform, election reform, senior health, and environmental and economic justice.  This site will address these social issues through direct service and education.

Follow Me
 White Oak, TN - Michael Pelster / Leigh Forbush
Price: $260

White Oak, set atop a mountain in Appalachia, lacks the modern conveniences of urban healthcare.  Poverty is a reality and expensive healthcare is out of reach.  Participants will learn about issues surrounding poverty and rural medicine and will be exposed to the unique Appalachian culture.  This site will work with students in the classrooms at Jellico High School, participating in various in-school and after-school educational and athletic activities.  There will also be opportunities to shadow family physicians at the Day Spring Family Health Center and the Jellico Hospital.

Get Up, Stand Up
 St. Paul, MN - Laura Stabin / Brian Wile
Price: $285

Since following their leader, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, into exile starting in 1959 over one hundred thousand Tibetan refugees have been working hard to sustain their culture and fight for their country while living in exile.  Minnesota boasts the second largest Tibetan community in America and participants on this site will have the unique opportunity to learn from and be embraced by this tight-knit community. Tibetan National Uprising Day, March 10th, historically is a day in which the Tibetan people clashed with Chinese invaders in order to protect their beloved Dalai Lama.  Currently, the important day is marked by peaceful, yet dramatic, protests and freedom marches in cities and towns across the globe.  Students will help Regional Tibetan Youth Congress MN prepare for their annual March 10th event.  Other possible service within the community include opportunities with the local Tibetan-American Foundation, Tibetan Women’s Association, a near by monastery, and Tibetan youth programs and family programs.

 Hakuna Matata
 Seguin, TX - Cassie Edwards / Ben Stratton
Price: $285

Southern Animal Rescue Association, SARA, provides homeless companion animals with unconditional life – food, shelter, love and life in a permanent, safe, and healthy environment, despite special health needs or temperament.  They seek loving adoptive homes for animals, but when adoption is impossible, the animals live the rest of their natural lives at the sanctuary in the company of other animals and human caregivers.  Participants will feed, clean, and socialize with their over 550 dogs, 2 catteries, and farm animals ranging from goats to pigs to donkeys on this old dairy farm just outside of San Antonio, Texas, learning from the experienced staff while living in a veritable animal kingdom.


Hanging Around
 Kyle, SD - Leslie Esbrook / Peter Madden
Price: $285

The Lakota Sioux are a group of people who have managed to preserve their unique culture throughout the turbulent events of their past.  In today’s society, the lack of employment opportunities on Native American Reservations has led to widespread poverty amongst their residents, resulting in low funding for the local schools and unfit conditions for the staff and students.  Students work hard to learn in these under funded schools, while also dealing with the complexities and hardships of reservation life. Participants on this site will have the opportunity to work in elementary school classrooms, with Native American students, on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Additionally, participants will be immersed in the Lakota Sioux culture and have the chance to interact with elders and other leaders of this community.

Washington, D.C. - Robert Funke / Bethany Davis
Price: $285

    In conjunction with Michael Stoops, the National Coalition for the Homeless, and other organizations in Washington, D.C., students will participate in a week of intense service, education and experiential learning with D.C.’s homeless population. Participants will serve in homeless shelters and kitchens and spend time meeting and talking to homeless men and women. Students will also look at homelessness from a policy perspective to learn more about how to most effectively work on this problem. Finally, participants will spend 48 hours actually living on the streets of D.C. as a homeless man or woman in a program dubbed the Urban Plunge. This is a unique opportunity for Vanderbilt students to gain new and personal insight into the lives of the homeless.

I Ain’t No Holler Back Girl
 Atlanta, GA - Elizabeth Middlebrooks / Ashley Walker
Price: $260

In Georgia, a foundation called Cool Girls, Inc. is dedicated to the self-empowerment of girls in low-income communities.  The staff and volunteers provide the tools to help girls make positive choices to achieve academic success, break the cycles of teen pregnancy and poverty, and overcome the barriers of racism and sexism.  The programs instill confidence and provide exposure to a broader world of opportunity through mentoring relationships, field trips, health and life skills education, and academic support.  Participants will take part in all these programs as they form relationships with these impressionable young women.  The participants of this all women's site will act as positive influences in the development of the lives they touch.  **Women Only Site**

 I Hope
Louisiana - Sean Tierney / Stephanie Fornabaio
Price: $260

Hurricane Katrina struck the United States with such force that it shook our social order to the very core.  For days, many of us watched in horror as tens of thousands of people suffered, starved, and struggled to survive.  Many doubted that New Orleans or other Gulf Coast towns would ever rise again.  Nearly a year later, they still need help.  Emergency Communities is a new kind of disaster relief organization.  They seek to fill gaps in traditional relief models by working to rehabilitate communities, not just individuals.  They have already served over 150,000 meals to thousands of returning residents.  In addition to serving meals, they provide nutritional, logistical, and emotional support for residents returning to rebuild their lives.  Most importantly, they provide a safe, warm space for the community - a space filled with compassion, love, and hope while working together to recover and build anew.  Participants will work with The Y Café in Plaquemines Parish where Hurricane Katrina first made landfall.

Just to See You Smile
 San Francisco, CA - Laura Schwinder / Ryan Churchill
Price $575

    Situated near the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, the Tenderloin district sits in stark comparison to its surrounding affluent neighborhoods.  Although it is a vibrant hub for ethnic diversity, the Tenderloin is also one of the most impoverished and crime-ridden parts of San Francisco.  Participants of this site will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique culture of the area, as well as come face to face with the harsh realities of life in the Tenderloin.  They will first work with Glide, an organization that has served the people of the Tenderloin for over 40 years by providing meals, medical clinics, drug use programs, and many more services free of charge.  The site will also participate in a justice education program put on by St. Anthony’s Foundation, which will allow them to serve the Tenderloin residents on the streets where they live.

Like a Prayer
 Huntsville, AL - Jay Soley / Ima Paydar
Price: $260

Lincoln Village is an organization which seeks to impact the residents of
the community through many avenues. At Lincoln Elementary School
volunteers work alongside teachers and administrators to interact with and
improve the reading skills of the students. Lincoln Village also provides
help in meeting medical, dental, legal, clothing and nutrition needs.
Lincoln Village Restoration, the guiding non-profit entity for housing,
has purchased approximately thirty-five housing units that are in the
process of being renovated. Volunteers repair these houses by
reconstructing porches, painting, flooring, or insulating.

 Man in the Mirror
 Los Angeles, CA - Blake LeMaster / Maria Tamborski
Price $575
In a city which shares the renowned, expensive mansions of Beverly Hills and the impoverished slums of Skid Row, Los Angeles's vast wealth and poverty discrepancies are a significant problem, yet definitely only one of many this diverse city faces.  For example, Los Angeles also deals with a large population of people living with HIV and AIDS, the primary community this site will work with.  While staying at a homeless shelter on 'Skid Row' where there are approximately 17,000 homeless people in a 6 block area, participants will drive along Sunset Boulevard where they will have the unique opportunity of working with Project Angel Food.  Participants will work in the kitchen preparing meals and interacting with the people they serve.  This site will also help with AIDS Project Los Angeles in their efforts to build awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Mr. Wendal
 Chicago, IL - Emily Burton / Yasmine Kamaruddin
Price: $260

Being one of the most diverse cities in the United States, Chicago is home to many, including the Heartland Alliance.  This organization is an anti-poverty, human rights group that provides housing, health care and human services to improve the lives of impoverished Chicagoans.  Once known as Travelers Aid, they have been helping the most marginalized men, women and children through services and advocacy since 1888.  Participants on this site will specifically work with the Neon Streets Program that works to help homeless and at-risk teens become healthy adults, through counseling, education, employment assistance, a daytime drop-in center and residential services.  Participants will also work with the Inspiration Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that serves meals in a restaurant-style setting to Chicago’s homeless community.  Inspiration Café commits itself to the concept of therapeutic community by restoring dignity and self-respect to our homeless friends.  ASB participants will volunteer as cooks and wait tables at Inspiration Café.

So Much to Say
 Boston, MA - Cara Bilotta / Graham Gipson
Price: $285

AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, is an organization committed to enhancing the lives of retired and working people aged 50 and older.  Headquartered in Boston, AARP serves as a health insurance and as a lobbying group for increasing rights for people over 50.  ASB participants will have the opportunity to work alongside AARP members on service projects in the large city.  Interaction with members of this organization will provide unique opportunities to learn from their life experiences while serving.

Some Beach
 Honolulu, HI - Michaella Dooley / Rebecca Reichardt
Price: $900

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves, and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education.  Located along the East, West, Gulf, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian coasts, they work on a number of projects to help keep beaches clean.  Volunteer work includes beach clean up, storm-drain stenciling, and other general assistance.  ASB participants will be able to help protect and clean the beaches that they are able to enjoy over the week of spring break.

 Song of the South
 Helena, AR - Andrew Bellm / Lauren Kridel
Price: $260

As a state, Arkansas ranks 7th for the highest poverty rate in the country, and Phillips County has the highest poverty rate of any county in Arkansas.  Helena is a small town situated in the heart of Phillips County and fulfills such statistics as having the lowest homeownership rate and highest child poverty of the entire state.  Participants interested in rural development, racial issues, and poverty will have the opportunity to work with those subjects in Helena.  The office of U.S. Senator Lincoln has set up a service agenda for this site that will allow site members to work with a variety of issues facing this depressed rural community.  ASB will work with Delta College Prep, an organization empowering Helena’s students with tools to get into college, as well as the Delta Cultural Center, an organization whose mission is to restore the jazz and artistic culture of Helena and its vibrant roots.

Suddenly I See
 Oklahoma - Aldenise Ewing / Amy DeLair
Price: $285

Experience the welcoming culture of Native Americans in Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma.  Composed of 14 different districts, ASB participants will have the opportunity to work closely with one community through the assistance of the leaders in the Cherokee Nation.  They will also learn about the Nation’s own governmental system that has its headquarters in Tahlequah, OK.  Service will include mentoring of the community’s youth through volunteering in the schools and also outdoor work to improve and beautify the community.  Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn about Native American culture, heritage and history through personal interaction with residents of all ages and participation in cultural ceremonies such as traditional dances.  

 Sweet Child of Mine
 Kissimmee, FL - Ashley Harcrow / Alok Saini
Price: $285

Give Kids The World is a non-profit organization that exists only to fulfill the wishes of all children with life-threatening illnesses from around the world to experience a memorable, joyful, cost-free visit to Central Florida attractions with their families.  Wish-granting organizations coordinate transportation to Orlando while Give Kids The World provides accommodations at its whimsical resort, donated attractions tickets, and meals for a cost-free, week-long fantasy vacation.  GKTW is staffed by over 1,000 volunteers per week.  Each day at GKTW, volunteers carry out such duties as scooping ice cream, serving breakfast, driving the Village train, welcoming families, face painting, and much, much more.  This site’s participants will be serving not only by staffing the resort, but also through creating relationships and having conversations with the family and children who are staying at the resort. 

Talking About a Revolution
Immokalee, Florida - Sam Delay / Lauren Bruns
Price: $285

    90% of all the tomatoes we eat in the United States come from Immokalee, FL.  However, injustice abounds in Immokalee. The workers have to pick 5,000lbs of tomatoes a day in order to make minimum wage –the same wages they were paid in 1978. Corrupt business practices and large corporations create a difficult life for these workers who come from Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti and West Africa.   Recently, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers has taken on the fast food industry to increase wages, and improve the lives of the tomato pickers.  Participants on this site will be immersed in the community through working with the children of migrant workers, a clothing bank, thrift shop, and soup kitchen. They will work with the CIW and learn about the problems facing the migrant workers.  They will provide a vital service to the homeless in this community by living at the Friendship House and interacting with its residents. This is a great way to learn about immigration issues first hand and see the effect they have on the workers and their families.

That’s Why God Made Mexico
Brownsville, TX - Taylor Imboden / Kathleen Fuchs
Price: $285

     Located in the very heart of the Rio Grande delta, with Mexico at the doorstep and the Gulf of Mexico beaches close by, Brownsville is a dynamic, bustling city consisting of a predominately Hispanic community.  ASB participants will experience this rich culture first hand and learn about the issues related to immigration and poverty.  Participants will spend the week working with a variety of organizations and working with recent immigrants.  Volunteering on each side of the border, participants will see the vast difference that only a few miles can make.   

Under Pressure
Yosemite, CA - Lauren Eckhardt / Lee Kashdan
Price: $575
Yosemite National Park covers nearly 800,000 acres in California and is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, Giant Sequoia groves, and biological diversity.  Despite the richness of high-quality habitats in Yosemite, three species have recently become extinct in the park, and another 37 species currently have special status under either California or federal endangered species legislation.  Fires and air pollution are serious threats to Yosemite’s ecosystems, as are the nearly 130 non-native plant species within the park, some of which increase the frequency of fire damage.  ASB participants will work with Ranger Todd for a week of park restoration and camping.

Voulez Vous Servir Avec Moi
 Montreal, Canada - Michael Funk / Nicole Simms
Price: $285

    When traveling in Montreal, one cannot help but to appreciate the exciting mix of European warmth and North American modernity.  At this site, participants will volunteer and stay at the Jeunesse au Soleil (Sun Youth) organization, designing and helping to conduct a day camp/after-school program in the inner city. The youth of this program come largely from troubled homes and are all too often lacking positive role models. Vanderbilt students will help provide this positive influence while having a great time with the kids. Participants will act as mentors to the children on daytrips to sites all over Montreal, such as the hockey arena and a cabana au sucre (sugar shack) on the outskirts of the city. A working knowledge of French is required in order to communicate with the children. 


Welcome, This is a Farmhouse
 Wellington, CO - Dusty Patil / Sarah Scott
Price: $285

The Denver Rescue Mission is a Christian-affiliated organization that provides outreach programs to men, women, and families in the Denver area.  Harvest Farm, located 90 miles north of Denver, is one such program.  Harvest Farm is a rural rehabilitation facility for men who are former drug addicts.  Approximately 55 men reside on the 100-acre working farm, which features a comprehensive long-term rehabilitation program including on-site education and work training.  ASB participants will work on the farm alongside the men who eagerly share their testimonies of addiction and recovery.

Wide Open Spaces
 Saguaro, AZ - Michael Putman / Lauren Ring
Price: $575
Saguaro National Park is situated in the unique Sonoran Desert.  The park derives its name from the giant saguaro cacti, which populate the area.  The park boasts over 150 miles of hiking trails.  Join Ranger Jeremy for a week of environmentally conscious camping and park restoration.  Participants will learn environmental-friendly camping techniques.  They will camp under the stars at night, remove invasive species from the park, and help to clean up old mining sites during the day.