Classroom Economy




In our classroom, we have an "Economy System".  Each week, kids earn (play) money for the following things:

*$10.00 for each two weeks they show perfect behavior

*$10.00 for each two weeks they complete their homework

*$10.00.00 for each two weeks their desks and binders are organized

*A set amount for the two week job they're assinged (Job Salary Scale)

*A bonus $10.00 for doing ALL OF THE ABOVE!

This is an "all or nothing" system.  If you miss one day of perfect behavior, you don't get paid the $5.00.  If you miss one day of your homework, you don't get the $5.00.  If you are caught with a messy desk or binder, you lose your $5.00.  BUT...if you do EVERYTHING, you earn a bonus $10.00 for the two weeks ($5.00 per week)!

Every other Friday, students fill out a receipt, (use your brwoser back button to return to Classroom Economy) which categorizes the earnings shown above, and then they get paid for what they've earned.

Bonus Bucks...

Students also have the option of earning "Bonus Bucks" during the two weeks for showing extra special behavior and doing good deeds for others.  These bonus bucks are not accounted for on their receipt, but are just random dollars given to the kids when I feel they've done something to earn them. 


Students can save up for things such as a class pizza party, lunch with the teacher, indoor recess with their friend, a free homework pass, or things from the class market.                                 


From the system students learn responsibility lessons.  They learn to keep track of their money, and not to lose it.  They learn how to save up for things that are important to them, instead of spending everything at once.  They also learn the value of earning money, instead of just being given things for free.  They take more pride in their work, their behavior, and are taking responsibility for their actions.


Students will be charged the following weekly fees:

 $5.00 for desk and chair rental

$5.00 for locker rental


What if I don't have my homework done the day it is due, but I bring it in the next day?

In order to earn money you must bring in all your homework on the day it is due.  If there is an extreme emergency in your family or house, and your parents explain it to me in a note that is the only time I will allow you to get paid for a late assignment. 


What if there are two assignments due, math and speling for example, and I only have one subject done do I get half payment?

No, you must bring in every assignment on the day it is due in order to receive the full $5.00 at the end of the week.  There are no half payments.  It is all or nothing.


How will you know if my desk and locker are clean everyday? Will you be checking daily?

No, I will not check daily, but will do occasional "surprise desk and locker checks".  I am going to use the honor system, and trust that you're keeping your lockers and desks clean, especially since Friday Do Nows are for cleaning and organizing.  If I happen to notice that you have been unorganized you will not get paid for that category for the entire week (=$5.00).

Can we give away the money we earn to help others earn something they want? Or, Can some of my friends and I put together our money to earn a party for the whole class?

Although that is a very nice thought, you may only spend the money that you have earned.  The point of the classroom economy is to learn the whole value of earning and saving money yourself, as adults do in the real world.  Unfortunately, there is no combining or giving away money in our classroom economy. 

When can we trade our money for the prizes?

You may trade in the money during Store time every other Friday! 

Will you ever take money away from us?

No, I will not take money away from you, but you might not get paid depending on the circumstances.  If your behavior is not perfect you will lose $5.00 for the entire week when you fill out your receipt on Friday.  If you do not do your homework you will lose $5.00 for the entire week when you fill out your receipt on Friday.  Same thing for organizing and your class job.  So, even though I am not taking money away from you, you will not really be earning it either. 

What if we lose our money? Will you give it back to us?

Nope, if adults lose their money the bank does not give it back to them.  We earn it, and must be responsible with it.  If you put it into your zipper pouch as soon as you get it you will not have to worry about losing it, but if you are not organized and responsible with your money, you will learn a valuable lesson. 

If we are absent we will still get paid for behavior, organization, and homework?

If you are absent you will still get paid for your behavior, as long as it is perfect for the rest of the week.  You will get paid for your homework, as long as you make everything up by the end of the week.  You will get paid for your organization as long as your desk and locker are clean.