1/18  Warm up
quiz on Chapter 2
practice test on quizlet

1/17  Lord of The Flies  vocabulary week 2 is at Quizlet.
Please practice.
You'll have a surprise test Wednesday.
OR Wednesday and Friday. 

1/11- Read to page 19 tonight or finish chapter 1. 
Reminder: Test Friday on the words from Quizlet
 Quizlet:   Join Vandenloren

Thanks for turning in your books today and taking notes on the slideshow. 1/10
Lord of the Flies list is based on
Vocabulary 1 for flash cards due Wednesday
  1. scavenge
  2. immure
  3. discursive
  4. hiatus
  5. conch
  6. lagoon
  7. fledge
  8. gesticulate
  9. efflorescence
  10. uncommunicative
  11. crumple
  12. swathe
  13. irrelevance
  14. immerse
  15. submerge
Want to get ahead on the novel?
William Golding
"man produces evil, as a bee produces honey"

Classwork 12/9 English 1

1.            Write down these vocabulary words on a separate sheet of paper.  They can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/vandenloren/ , if you want to find them later.   Cards are due Wednesday. 

Scavenge, Immure, discursive, hiatus, conch, lagoon, fledge, gesticulate, efflorescence, uncommunicative, crumple, swathe, irrelevance, immerse, submerge

2.        Classwork to be turned it to your guest teacher:

1.     Who has better survival skills, boys or girls?  Why? Supply 2-3 reasons

2.      Consider a group of kids 5-12 were scooped up and placed on a remote island without any human contact, which would last longer in peace, an island full of boys or an island full of girls?  Why?

3.     Consider your classmates in this class period.  Which 3 would you want to be stranded with and why?

4.     If you have no matches, electronics, or survival gear, what steps would you take to survive on a windy, rainy island with your 3 friends? Please describe in 5 sentences or more.

5.     Identify and support the worst trait you can think of in a person stranded on an island.

6.     Did you see Cast Away with  Tom Hanks?  If you did, what decisions, plans or strategy did you observe that you would also use?

7.     Do you think children are basically good or bad in nature?  If good, will they stay that way without adults?  If bad, will they get worse without adults?

8.     Lord of the Flies was written after WWII.  What elements of war might inspire a book about boys being stranded and becoming savage?

9.     Write a well organized essay on whether or not you think humans are necessarily good or bad.  Use examples from history to support your points. Make sure to have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.  Do not talk to the reader by writing “you” or by telling the reader what you are about to do in your essay.  These essays are writing samples for mid-year progess and will be kept in class. Please turn them in at the end of class. 

1/11   Want to take AVID next year? Go to: 

Application is due no later than 1/17

1/10  Students presented their groups and discussed William Golding.
Welcome back.  You will be playing a survival game today.


To prepare for your survival game, you will need pencils, paper, markers, and a sheet of poster paper.


In your assigned group you will need to think up Man’s Hierarchy of Needs.  What do humans need in order to survive?  You will need to think of a symbol for your group. It should be an object name or an animal name that you all agree embodies your group. You are stranded on a deserted island in the Indian Ocean.  There is no electricity or communication with the outside world.  You must survive until you are found.  What do you do?   You will make a poster showing what you would do and in the poster you will include


1.     The symbol for your group and a group motto

2.     Survival duties shared by 4 people

3.     A way to have organized discussions

4.     A format for decision making

5.     A leader of your pack.

 You will present your poster for the last 10 minutes of class. 


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