Women's Weekend

2019 Women’s Cursillo Weekend


TBA (Spring 2020)


Carmel Hill, Little Flower Monastery 10789 N Deroche Rd, Deroche, BC V0M 1G0, Canada



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Cheques for the fee of $275 can be mailed to:

Vancouver Cursillo

3301 Wingrove Terrace

Coquitlam Bc V3E 3T1

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As the Vancouver Cursillo movement moves forward after 2 years of discernment by the Secretariat, through study, workshops & conferences, we are encouraged by the experience & effectiveness of the ladies’ weekend in May, which initiated the revised Step by Step format, to what it was always meant to be.

There were 6 candidates & 6 Cursillistas (who participated as candidates), along with a team of six leaders & Fr. Patrick. The new (original) format was unencumbered by all the ‘add-ons’ that accumulated over the years, which took the focus off of the most important messages of the weekend. Too much emphasis had been placed on details that caused unnecessary stress, distraction & work. Less definitely proved to be more! The 3rd day especially benefited from the change, in that the team were not too exhausted or frazzled but were fully attentive to the candidates & focused on what we’ve always been told as the most important rollos of the weekend.

The decision to hold the weekend at a venue that did not require the tremendous amount of planning & work involved with converting a school to a retreat centre, was ultimately liberating. Rather than being overwhelmed Martha’s, we were able to be present to Christ in sharing the experience of oneness with Him throughout the three days.

Carmel Hill Monastery in Deroche was a dream come true. What the secretariat first thought might be a hindrance, because of the long distance, proved to be a lovely opportunity of time, for the team to bond with the candidates, & candidates with each other, as they drove together to the venue. There was a team who prepared bag lunches for all to eat along the way. On the afternoon of the third day, it was wonderful to welcome a number of Cursillistas who made the journey & arrived to participate in the Total Security Rollo, grouping & Clausura.

A vital component of the weekend is PRE-CURSILLO, where the sponsors not simply invite, but journey with the candidates prior to the weekend, allowing the team to connect with each candidate beforehand. The ideal is that no one is a stranger upon arrival to the weekend. By then, the time for icebreaking & initial introductions has already been established, so the weekend can move forward more smoothly, allowing team and candidates straightaway, to focus with less distraction, on the meditations, prayers and rollos.

POST-CURSILLO is also an essential component of the weekend, in helping new cursillistas to be part of a group reunion as well as Ultreyas. Ultreyas are important in challenging ourselves to grow in Piety, Study & Action, as the group reunion alone can become a comfortable and sometimes more social activity, where spiritual growth of each participant may not be significantly challenged. “How has my group reunion challenged me beyond my comfort level and how far have I advanced in my metanoya?” (Continual and progressive Conversion)

Brothers & sisters who truly LIVE the Cursillo Method are vital in keeping the Vancouver Movement alive & thriving. Please stop for a moment to consider what difference Cursillo has made to your life! Thanks to God for the leaders before us who selflessly gave, to make that gift possible, as well as those committed to sharing in Ultreya. Please prayerfully ask God for discernment as to your involvement in the Vancouver Cursillo Movement…for His Glory & for the sake of others to grow in holiness, as Cursillo has given you the opportunity to do!

Ultreya is not the same without you! God bless you! De Colores

(View the Brochure for the retreat centre at Carmel Hill in Deroche - www.carmelhill.ca )