What is Croquet? 

Perhaps you have played and enjoyed "backyard croquet" at parties or family gatherings. Following a set of often poorly defined rules, you use a mallet to try to hit balls through a circuit of 9 wire wickets and 2 pegs before your opponent can accomplish the same thing. The first to complete the circuit wins the game. The 6-wicket games have the same objective but are played on a larger court (officially 84 ft. x 105 ft.) using heavier balls, mallets and wickets with very small clearance between the ball and the wicket. The game rules are clearly defined and carefully followed. The 6-wicket games are sociable and interesting; requiring thought-provoking strategy and modest hand-eye coordination. Most importantly, they are fun to play. The primary games played at our Club are:
  • Golf Croquet - easiest and most popular game; played worldwide.
  • Association Croquet - the standard game; played worldwide.
  • American (USCA) Croquet - played mainly in North America.
  • Ricochet Croquet - a new, simpler variation of Association Croquet.

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About Our Club
  • The Vancouver Croquet Club is located at 4376 W. 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC and shares two lawns with the West Point Grey Lawn Bowling Club.
  • The lawns are top quality bowling lawns that are level, true, and closely mowed. Our Clubhouse is pleasing and comfortable.
  • We have tournaments, leagues, casual play and various other social activities throughout the year.
  • The Club currently has 24 members but we would like to have more. If you are interested call 604 224-6556 and leave a message or, preferably, email vyrlson@gmail.com.
  • The annual membership fee is currently $200 with no additional playing fees for members. We allow prospective new members to "test drive" our Club for one or two visits and all equipment and some basic instruction is provided without charge.
  • We welcome out-of-town guests who can usually arrange to play for a small daily fee for a limited number of days.

2013 Tournaments @ VCC:
  • Vancouver Club Tournament - The dates are set for Aug. 9th - 11th but the format is yet to be determined. For more information contact karen&keith@telus.net