In order to help you with your long term Where In the World in the News Project I have added an awesome link: .  This link has divided the major units of study thematically and will assist you in finding credible news articles.  

Countdown to AP EXAM


Where the Hell is Matt?  Geography is EVERYTHING!!!
14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands!

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Student of the Month

  • You Could Be Here! September Student of the Month:1st Block:  Steven:  Hard work, positive attitude, and diligence.3rd Block: Rachel: Helping fellow classmates, top scorer on projects and tests!4th Block: Amber:  For leading other students, maintaining a positive outlook on life and school.October Student of the Month:1st Block: Jalisha: Consistently scores at the top of her class, always maintains positive attitude!3rd Block: Michael: Helps other students when needed and scores in the top of his class.4th Block: Edgar: He has came up with lesson plan ideas, helps other students in the class, and maintains a positive attitude.                                                                                                                                                              
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Per Request Here is the 9/11 Documentary From Class


For My Anime Freaks!

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Video of the Month: Food Fight (Click Here for Cheat Sheet  )  

YouTube Video

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  • AP Human Geography Homework Christmas Break Human Geography Homework over Christmas Break.UPDATED!!!!  CLICK ON THE BELOW LINK TO REVIEW: BIG RELIGION COMPARISON CHART! *Religion Comparison Project.  Documents ...
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  • Human Geography Language Unit Materials Below are the attached powerpoints for the language unit!
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  • Civics & Economics Goal 8 Lecture Notes PowerPoints and Guided Notes for Goal 8!
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  • Civics and Economics Goal 8 Review Materials Please review the attached materials prior to the test!
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  • Grading Criteria Grading Scale: Human Geography            Grading Scale: World History & CivicsHomework / Assignments: 5%Projects:10 %Quiz: 15%Test: 70%Homework/Assignments: 10%Projects: 15%Quiz: 15%Test: 60%
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