The dates for the WINTER 2019 session are:

Tuesdays from January 29 to March 12 and Thursdays from January 31 to March 14. 

To register for classes, scroll down and use the form at the bottom of this page. 

Registration Information:

Class descriptions can be viewed by selecting the 'Class List' tab at the top of this page.  Please pay attention and register your child for age-appropriate classes, as many activities are tailored to kids of a certain ability level.  This is to ensure that our students have fun and stay safe.  

Space in ASE classes is limited.  Students are placed in classes on a first come, first served basis.  When making class selections, please provide alternate choices in case your child's first choice is full. 

Class assignments will be made as quickly as possible and parents will be notified of their child's placement in a class before the start of the session.  If you have questions or concerns during the registration period, email ASE Coordinator Kelsey Wood:

For details about the program and pick-up procedure, use the 'About ASE' tab at the top of this page.

Payment Information:

After School Enrichment at Vance has an open door policy of welcoming all students.  To meet the needs of our families, we offer a variable price plan.

The regular price for one ASE class is $45.  Partial payment of $25 per class is also accepted.  Full scholarships are available, no questions asked.  Simply select the 'Request for Full Scholarship' button in the payment section of the form.  Scholarship recipient information is confidential.

If your family is able to at this time, please consider a payment of $50 per class (includes $5 donation) or $60 per class (includes $15 donation) to help support participation by others.

If paying by cash or check, multiply your preferred payment rate ($25, $45, $50, or $60) by the number of classes you're registering for.  Payments for multiple children can be combined.  Place cash or checks (made out to Vance Parent Team) in an envelope with child's/children's name(s) and "feed" it to the Registration Robot by the main office.  

For PayPal payment, use the dropdown menu at the bottom of this page to select your preferred payment rate.  The default is $45.  Then enter the number of classes you are paying for before proceeding to checkout.  Payments for multiple children can be combined.  For example, if you have two children, each taking two classes, you would select your payment rate, click 'Add to Cart,' and enter '4' as the quantity.  If the name on your PayPal account does not use the same last name as your child (e.g. a business name or maiden name), it is helpful if you include your child's name in the notes field on the payment screen.

Thank you! We're looking forward to another great session!

Winter 2019 Reg Form


Place cash and check payments in envelope with child's name and "feed" to Registration Robot by the main office.  Make checks out to Vance Parent Team.  Thank you!