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I was born in the medieval city of Breda, in the province of North‑Brabant ("van Brabant"), The Netherlands. The fondest memories of my youth are of a pastoral existence—working on my uncle’s farm in the summer, roaming the countryside by bike with my family, and skating on the ponds in the winter.

I visited the US in 1979 and in 1985 made it my home. After living for a time in Greenwich Village, New York, I moved to the New Jersey suburbs where my former wife and I raised two wonderful sons, Alexander and Jordan. It was around this time in my life that I discovered the urban wilderness known as the New Jersey Meadowlands.

Every day while commuting on the NJ Turnpike, which runs through these wetlands, I would be taken with the vista...miles of open space that are for me reminiscent of the platte land (flatlands) of my native Holland.  Seeing the expanse of the marshes, the play of light in cloud formations over the horizon, I was inspired to explore this tranquil refuge which coexists so intimately with urbanization.  Although situated on the outskirts of the great city of New York here, truly, was the possibility for me to experience the natural world.

I often venture out before dawn in quest of the perfect lighting for my favorite subject – the landscape. The discovery that there remain stretches of wilderness still to explore in this world – even in the midst of urbanization – I find most exhilarating.

My photographic work in the Meadowlands region has yielded rewarding results.  In 2010 I was proud to have my premier solo exhibition, “Quintessential Meadowlands”.  In August of 2012 a new exhibition, “My Wilderness: Urban Landscapes of the Meadowlands”, in Englewood, NJ and featured the artful symbiosis of nature and industry. Later this year I look forward to the publication of my first book joint venture, “The Nature of the Meadowlands” by James Wright.  Other recent collaborations include a production of Verb Ballets’ “Billy the Kid”.  In Autumn of 2012 I will travel to Holland and the French Alps  on assignment.

Why photography? Perhaps because what I want to express with my pictures is not simply an image but an idea: Beauty exists in our very midst. It is not limited to exotic or faraway places. If you look a little deeper and a little longer, taking the time to be mindful and open to discovery, you will be richly rewarded by the experience.


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 -- Marco Lips

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