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This page is dedicated to a favorite place of mine:

the NJ Meadowlands

- the wilderness in our backyard

New Jersey Meadowlands,  is a general name for the large ecosystem of wetlands in northeast New Jersey. The Meadowlands are known for being the site of large landfills and decades of environmental abuse. The Meadowlands stretch mainly along the terminus of the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers as they flow into Newark Bay. They consist of roughly 8,400 acres (13 M²) of open, undeveloped space in addition to the vast developed areas that previously were part of the natural wetlands. 

The location of the New Jersey Meadowlands in proximity to the greater New York City metropolitan area and its outgrowth into New Jersey makes conservation of the vast wetland a difficult proposition. In spite of this, the New Jersey Legislature, led by Richard W. DeKorte, created the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (since renamed NJ Meadowlands Commission in 1968 to attempt to address both economic and environmental issues concerning the wetland region. Even under grave environmental circumstances, the Meadowlands contain many species of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks and is considered to be an important bird habitat.  In January 2010, Birder's World Magazine counted the Richard W. DeKorte Park among the premier urban wildlife spots in the country.

With the entire Meadowlands District being  located along the Atlantic flyway, one of three major routes used by migratory birds in North America,  more than200 species of birds can be seen here throughout the year.

Click on any of the  images to get a closer look.  The photos shown are just a sample and from time to time I add new ones.   Have a look, and then come back once in a while to see the updates.
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Gray Ghost over Manhattan

The blizzard of December 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...


Winter sleep

Saw Mill Creek Mudflats (at high tide)
(The proximity to NYC, and the discrepancy with it, never stops to fascinate me)

Flame Lily

Wish flower

Muskrat for lunch

Urban Escape,

unfortunately, the little gateway (leading to the Saw Mill Trail)

was blown away during hurricane Sandy

A better way

Feet first

Two views

- the trees become your friends, you see them grow up


people in bright colored coats become great props in the snowy landscape

it is utterly peaceful during snowfall

On a stormy day
(see the water getting blown over the trail in the background)

towards the Saw Mill Trail

Winter Japonaiserie

Popcorn blue

Consider the grass

Closed kiss


what became the cover for Jim Wright's book
"The Nature of The Meadowlands"

























Pillars Of The Grid








Jordan's Power Walk









 Patiently waiting...







Icarus Ascending   












Monarch of the Pokeberry



do not be afraid of the gnats, they do not bite...



with a song as high as the Empire State bldg



 Blue Mud



Leaves Of Glass









God's chalkboard

One of the things I enjoy so much of this area is that it is in the middle

of an extremely crowded region, making it an oasis, surrounded by

highways and urban areas.























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