I don't love it!!! (being fat, that is)

Vanessa's weightloss diary  - I'm 29 years old, have been diagnosed with PCOS, and am trying to have another baby.  Weight loss should help manage that condition, and help prevent Diabetes, which runs in my family.

10/31/06 - Today's weigh in: 181.6 lbs.  I had a stomach bug last night, hence the rapid weight loss.  I know it was mostly fluids lost, but I wanted to record that number anyways... it's just nice to see it, since I haven't been any where near that number since we were engaged.  It will be motivating. 

10/29/06 - yesterday's weigh in: 184.4... the scale didn't budge much since last time.  We've been having these weekly potlucks lately with friends from Church cause we're all doing a financial seminar together.  I must say, it's hard on the diet!  I've decided to start up my food journal again.  I did this when I first started to work out and try to lose weight, and it worked pretty good.  I write down everything that goes into my mouth, so I don't just "mindlessly" munch on things all day long.  Another thing that has helped me is that I'm realizing that not all sweet things are equally satisfying to me.  For example, Nathan is a "pie guy"... he loves his pies, except peach.  Me, on the other hand, I prefer cakes, pudding, or brownies.  This realization has helped me to not go crazy when I hit the dessert table.  I now try to pick and choose just the things that will please me the most, and only get a little bit of it to satisfy my sweet tooth... then I drink water to give that feeling of fullness.  I'm hoping that this will help with keeping my sweet tooth under control... cause I love it!

I've got 9.6 pounds to reach my goal weight (175 lbs.) and about 8 weeks to do it in, since I wanted to reach that goal before the beginning of 2008.  I'm starting to feel the "pressure"... almost like in college when finals were coming up, and I feel like I haven't studied enough.  It's gonna be pretty tough with the holidays (mainly, Thanksgiving... love those mashed taters!) coming up, but I think I can do it.  I just need to get the enthusiasm back that I had when i first started.   And so, tomorrow begins a new workout week.  I've promised myself that even if I don't feel like doing a difficult workout, I will AT LEAST do one of my easier, fun ones, and play hard with Sean.  My goal this week: 4 cardio workouts, 2 strength/toning workouts 

10/20/06 - It's been a while since I've updated... I fell off the workout wagon for a bit, but am getting back on this week with 4 workouts for the week.  Today's weigh in: 184.6 lbs.  I did one of those BMI calculators online and it gave me 27.5... I'm no longer obese! :-) I'd really like to know my body fat %, and get that down to a normal level.

That new "Method" dvd I blogged about last time is okay.  They give detailed instruction for each exercise before you perform each one, so that makes it move kinda slow once you're familiar with the moves.  They should have had a separate option in the menu for "instructions" and another one for the actual workout.  But it's a pretty tough workout.  I haven't been able to get through the whole ab's part without resting for a bit.  yowzah!

I'm back in my size 14 pants again, and some of them are getting loose. :-)  I still have 10 pounds to go before my goal weight and deadline of the end of the year.  I think it's time to crank up the workouts and get serious again.  I went to the dentist yesterday and my regular hygenist said that I look like I've lost a ton of weight since she saw me last.  That's always nice to hear!

08/16/06 - Today's weigh in: 189.2 lbs.  Did my Yoga/Pilates Fusion DVD with Ms. Ellen Barrett. I'm loving that workout!  I also just ordered The Method - The Stability Ball Workout from amazon.  Nathan ordered a game, so I went ahead and got that workout so we could get free shipping.  I'd rather have our money go to product, than for shipping.  I'm sure it's just a trick to get you to buy more, but oh well.  I would have wanted that dvd anyways.  I haven't been regularly exercising the past couple weeks, but this week, I've been on the ball, so hopefully my weightloss will pick back up.  Mom said my shoulders look like they're narrower and that she can tell I'm getting toned.  If anyone will give me an honest view of my shape, it's her.  She's known for her frankness... I think it's got something to do with filipino culture.  I remember one time I met a filipino man at a filipino party.  I said "nice to meet you" and he said "we've met before... a long time ago, when you were thinner".  Boy, that was a blow.  Too bad I didn't have the old man from Wild Oats with me, who I met once and he said, "you are a strong woman, both mentally and physically".  Now that was a RIOT!  makes me giggle when I think of that!

07/31/06 - I tried my new Crunch: Pilates/Yoga fusion (w/ Ellen Barrett) workout  tonight.  It started out very relaxing, but it really got me working by the end.  Apparently, I have very little inner thigh strength... those exercises were the toughest.  I had a lot of fun doing the workout.  Doesn't give much of a cardio workout (which is expected), but I think it'll really help with core strengthening and even flexibility.  Anyways, this was a welcome workout after a week of doing nothing.

07/30/06 - Vacation is over... 3 pounds gained (yikes!).  Tomorrow starts the seriousness all over again.  No more soda.  More green things.  No pizza for a while.  I feel tired.  Proabably it's due to my bad diet and inactivity this week.  That's what I'll tell myself so that I get back on the ball.  My sis-in-law is coming over to work out with me on Tuesday.  Yippee!

07/25/06 - Birthday cake is gone... Now I can get on with the decent diet. :-)  Nathan got me the new pilates/yoga DVD by Ellen Barrett (she's my favoriteworkout gal).  I haven't tried it yet, but I watched some of it today to get familiar with the moves.  Looks like a fun, but tough workout.  I'll probably have sore abs after doing it.  

07/10/06 - I'm currently recovering from a 3 day hamburger binge.  Fast food is my weakness.  I love hamburgers and fries and soda along with it.  But the good new is that  I've picked myself up and dusted off the french fry crumbs, wiped the mayo from my mouth and am ready to start again.  I worked out this afternoon... Did some slim and sleek fast video.  I may try to do another short session tonight if I feel up to it.  I'm still trying to fight off this cold thing that's been going around lately.  I haven't officially gotten it, but I feel my neck glands are a bit swollen, so my throat is a bit sore.  My body is sure trying to fight it off.  That reminds me, I need to take my vitamins... nothing weird, just my usual multi-vitamin.  I've just been eating so badly lately that I'm probably lacking in vitamins A thru Z. :-)

07/07/06 - This week has been a not so great one for working out.  Sean has gotten both Nathan and I sick.  So I've been trying to take it a bit easier.  We did go hiking last weekend, and I did some walking while shopping too, but other than that, it's been a break from formal working out.  Weighed in the past 3 days to make sure that I wasn't gaining weight while on hiatus.  Results?  consistent 192.8 lbs.  Wahoo!   Also tried on all my size 14 pants and they fit!  Well, some of them are still more snug than I like, so I still have a ways to go, but at least I could get them on and zipped without having to "suck it in".

06/26/06 - Since Gina and I stayed up with my brother until 5 am, we didn't go walking and rollerblading this morning with Tita Toots.  I did go over to the track nearby this afternoon and do some walking and running for a while.  I ran the straights and walked the curves on the track.  There was some type of track day camp thing going on and the kids really made me feel outta shape cause they ran the track so easily and quickly.   

06/25/06 - I'm visiting Kansas. This morning, my cousin and I did about an hour and a half of dvd's.  I was a tired and sweaty girl!!!  But I owed it since I skipped yesterday's workout.  Tomorrow I'm planning to walk/run while Tita Toots bikes and Gina rollerblades.  I guess yesterday was my day off, instead of Sunday. 

06/22/06 - Still been sticking to schedule.  Workouts have been comprised of various workout videos, walking the dog, rollerblading, weight training, and the usual.  My morning weigh in today was 193.2 lb.  That was before eating.  I tend to gain a couple pounds by the end of the day from eating and maybe water weight (?).  I'm going out of town this evening.  I still plan on sticking to the workout schedule... 6 days on, then Sundays off.  Shouldn't be too difficult.  I can always jus go walking if I can't do a video.  My main concern while on vacation will be my diet, but my Aunt Toots is a great cooka nd one of my cousins that will be there is a vegan, so I shouldn't have a problem eating healthy.  My jeans are starting to fit me looser, so that's very exciting.  My arms look like they're getting more toned, too.  Now if only I could shrink me humongoid feet! :-) 

06/16/06 - Wednesday: Fat burning pilates dvd plus weights.  Thursday:  Winsor pilates maximum burn cardio workout, plus took dog for walk.  Today:  25 minute walk with Sean in stroller.  Went to a potluck barbeque birthday party today.  I skipped the hamburger and hotdog and had salmon instead, along with various salads.  I also just HAD to have a few cheetos.  Nathan took them from me and gave them to Sean (on my request) before I finished my handfull.  Also had some homemade ice cream and birthday cake.  Very tastey!  I didn't do that great in terms of sweets consumption, but I did better than I normally do, so that's a plus.  I do not feel guilty about the amount I ate, and I was not overly stuffed.  I wanted another piece of birthday cake, but I resisted.  That's an accomplishment for me. :-) I'll do a hard workout tomorrow, and play volleyball on Sunday.  That should get me back on track.  Potlucks are the hardest social gathering for me in terms of portion control.  There's just so much I want to taste.

06/13/06 - Took a nap while Sean napped this afternoon, so I had to squeeze in the workout after Nathan got home from work (he took Sean to the playground, so I had free time).  I took the dog for a quick walk, came back home, then went on a bikeride.  Afterwards, I met up with Nathan and Sean at the park, then did a quick walk around the park while they played.  Came home, watered plants, then did some upper body weights.  Feeling pretty good. 

06/12/06 - Saturday I skipped the walk and instead played at the park with Sean and Nathan.  Sunday was the day off, and I didn't do so great diet wise... Potluck... need I say more?  Today I did Bikini Ready Fast DVD.  It includes lower leg work, so I skipped the lower body weight training.  I've realized that it's not so hard to work in at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday.  I've just been making up excuses to not do it.  I think I've run out of excuses.  

I'm happy to say that after about 2 weeks of regular exercise, I feel like I have more energy, sleep better, and I feel happier. Weight check (after potluck slip up) : 197.2 lb.   Anyways, the point is, I'm realizing that I should exercise to keep up this feeling, and not get into a "slump" where I feel lazy and want to nap all the time.  The weight loss is just icing on the cake. What kind of cake?  Definitely chocolate.   Also, (warning:  this is getting a little personal, and into girl talk) I think that working out will help my infertility issues due to PCOS.  AF finally came for a visit after avoiding me for 2 and a half months.  Maybe now she'll come see me regularly.  I also wore a pair of jeans of mine that were a size 14 this weekend... that was exciting!  I didn't even have to struggle to button them!  :-)

06/09/06 - Didn't get up early yesterday or today.  I figured since the workout only called for a walk, I'd take Sean for a walk or do an aerobics DVD.  Yesterday, I did Crunch Cardio Salsa and ab work.  Today I kept putting off working out, even while Sean was napping, I didn't do much aside from some laundry.  I'm glad to say that I didn't back out of working out.  I put Sean to bed and then got my perspiration gear on and huffed and puffed through Slim and Sleek Fast, then did some upper body work. 

06/07/06 - didn't get up early.  I was planning on going swimming today, so I skipped my walk this morning.  Turned out, it rained and the pool had to close, so no swimming.  Did Pilates Burn & Firm dvd instead. 

06/06/06 - 7:10 wake up again.  This time for a walk/run cardio circuit.  3 minutes walking, 30 sec. of running (repeat 4 times).  I was glad to learn that I could run for more than 30 seconds at a time. I think I need to pick up some 10 lb weights. weighed in today: 196.6 lb (probably water weight lost)

06/05/06 - 7:10 AM - woke up with Nathan and headed out for a 25 minute walk while he got ready for work.  It was nice being out while it wasn't too hot yet and the birds were chirping and I saw a bunny rabbit at the park. Did some weight training for lower body this evening.  My legs are a bit sore.

06/04/06 - Friendly game of volleyball after church.  Always nice when exercise is fun and done with people you love.

06/03/06 - And so we begin (again).  Here I go.  I've got about 25-30 pounds to lose.  I'm clinically classified as "obese", however some people say I'm just "big-boned". Here's the stats:

starting weight: 198.8 lbs 

dress size: 16

my goals:  25 lbs loss by the end of the year, manage my PCOS, be able to run a mile without getting sick.

This week's workouts: Monday - swimming, Wed- Firm video featuring the  transfirmer,  Fri - walk,  Sat - walk

This was a good start, but I'm planning on starting a "lose a size by July 4th" plan put together by prevention magazine.  I'll be starting on Monday, June 5th.  I'll post updates soon.  I may post a "before" picture soon as well.