Welcome to V.A.M.P. Research

VAMP Research is a small non-profit group dedicated to the research of all things that fall out of the ordinarily understood realms.

Let us define what VAMP means. It stands for Vermont Abnormal Metaphysical and Paranormal Research and the name states what we set out to do research anything that falls out of the expected and understood.

Who is VAMP Research?

VAMP Research currently consists of

Todd Rivers Lead Investigator and Co-founder of VAMP

Kristopher Croteau Lead Investigator and Co-founder of VAMP

Dawn Rivers Senior Investigator

Jennifer Croteau Senior Investigator

Lori Senior Investigator

Nick Junior Investigator

Eron Cardinal Investigator

The VAMP family will continue to grow as we have a few prospective members on the horizon.

How do I contact VAMP Research?

So you feel you have something that needs investigation?  Questions that need answers, or even an ear to listen to you?  You can contact VAMP research by e-mailing us at
or call us at

I need help but am afraid to come forward!

Do not worry.  With VAMP, our clients anonymity is a top priority.  No images, sound clips, or investigation logs will be posted without the express permission of the client, and we will not release or discuss your information with any third parties.  We want everyone to feel safe in coming forward with their experiences.

VAMP Research is on Facebook and MySpace

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