My Little Slice of Heaven

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The Unyielding Sands of Time
The sands of time run through my fingertips.
Between my fingers, it sifts away, to some unseen place in eternity.
They slip away swiftly, but oh so gently now.

Earlier, the sands seemed to burn and scour.
I tried with a desperate heart to hold them back.
I labored to gently capture them and prevent them from flowing away.

The sands flow on unceasing, a sorrowful joyful flow.
My unchanging hands will experience each grain as it passes.
It comforts me now to know that they will reappear in an unending circle.

The grains descend, and ascend, eternally repeating.
My tears of sorrow have long since, been twined with joy.
The ebb and flow, will bring my love back to me.

      Elizabeth Wright