This is a place for all my ramblings and favorite subjects. This is an ADULT ONLY site. If you are under eighteen years old or you are offended by slash fan fiction, different views on religion, and various and sundry other  things. I ask that you leave now.  If you go beyond this point and you are offended. DO NOT email me with your flaming emails. YOU have been warned, and I will contact your ISP for unwelcomed flaming emails. Email of the polite variety is  ALWAYS welcome.


Disclaimer: As always the fictional characters found in the fiction beyond this page, belong to their original creators.  No money is being made from them. No harm is intended. No real life person is represented in these fictions, any and all resemblances to any person living and/or deceased is purely coincidental, and is in no way intended. Remember this is fiction. These stories are for entertainment purposes only.


A word about canon:


If you are strict canon follower and like your fan fiction that way.  I will warn you in advance, you are wasting your time here. Turn around and find another site. I don't want emails sent to me bashing me, or any of the authors I recommend, for not following strict canon. This is FICTION people. The shows were written as fiction by script writers. Some authors feel like the writers could have done things differently, or that if events had unfolded a different way the shows would have been different. This is their right and mine also.  There are no hard and fast rules for fiction, anything and everything is possible. This is why it's called fiction. So if you're ready to enter here, with these points in mind. I heartily welcome you to share my space with me a while. You are welcome. Draw up a chair. Get your favorite beverage. Relax, and leave the real world behind.


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