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Fan Fiction Recs:

Some of the fics that I recommend are sorta angsty, maybe a little dark, but they all turn out good in the end. I can't emotionally tolerate bad endings, so I don't read them. I can handle the bad as long as I know it'll get better. Even the seeming dark fics that I recommend have good endings to them. So click on without worry if you can't handle bad endings either. I am absolutely the "they lived happily ever after" type reader.


Sylum Clan

This is a site that has fic that has crossovers with several different fandoms involved: CSI( Miami, New York, NCSI), BTVS, Angel, Lost, Empire Records, Forever Knight, and  there are more, all tied together by vampiric clans. You will need to contact the site owner to get a password for this site.  It's well worth it believe me.  Warning: Slash fiction.


Open Air Insane Asylum

This is a multi fandom website, that includes: TFAF, TCOR, BTVS, Angel, Firefly, Tour of Duty, Van Helsing and others. Warning: Slash fiction.


Dea Certes

This is a multi fandom website, however the story that interests me here is "Stranger Things."  It's found under the "Buffy" category. This is a Spander story, but it also has some A/D.  It is very long and involved. Get settled and get comfortable, get your favorite beverage and have your snacks handy. this is a well written story and will grab you and it won't let you go. It's an all night reader. Warning: slash fiction.



This is the home of LazuliKat's fan fiction. There are some wonderful stories here in the Buffy fandom and Due South. There some great art pieces. Wander around and explore. My fave story here is "Repossession."  This is a Spander fic.  This story is also long, around 120 chapters. This is another all night reader!  Warning: It's angsty to start out with, and does have some graphic descriptions of torture both physical and mental, references to rape. This is a slash fiction.


852 Prospect

This is a Sentinel fic only archive with over two thousand fics that range from G-FRAO. On the main page click the quick search link and you will be directed to a page that has all the criteria you need to find just your cup of tea. You can search by author, title, rating, or type of story. You can even search by stories added in the last seven, thirty, sixty days, etc.  Warning: There all types of stories, including slash fic of all kinds and flavors.


No More Snakes and Ladders

This is a Spander fic written by tabaqui and reremouse.  It's twenty five chapters long, twenty six with the epilogue. This is another all nighter.  Excellent fic, it's got angst, and schmoop too. Warning: slash fic

Scarecrow Horses

This is tabaqui's  web site. Lot's of great fic here a lot of it Spander, but there are some original fics and other fics as well. The fic that is my fave here is "Changes." This is a Spander fic, part one is thirty chapters long and part two is thirty five chapters long. Yes, it is another all nighter!  Warning: There is some angst in this story, however it all ends good, so keep that in mind. This is a slash fic.



This is Druffine's website. There are some great fics here, mostly Spander, by Druffine,  Joolz and Little Tenshi.  Sadly some of them are not finished. I don't know when they will be finished, but I always enjoy reading what is there. The fic that is my fave here is "The Silent Urge Series." I believe the pic says "The still Unnamed Series" but once you click on it the title is as mentioned above. It's got thirty five chapters so far, and it's a damned good fic!Warning:some angst, mentions of child abuse, this is a slash fic.


Deepest Darkest Desires

This site is mostly BTVS/Angel fanfic.

Stories by Edibbea and Yindagger. A lot of them are Spander. I have a couple of faves here:

"Secrets" by Edibbea: This is a  Spander fic. Warning: Some angst but not too heavy, D/s, this is a slash fic.

"Long Time Gone" by Yindagger: This is a Spander fic. Warning: Some angst. This is a slash fic.

 There are other fics with different pairings there by various authors, some finished and some not.  I haven't read them all yet.


Fiction by Metaforgirl and A. M. Riley

There are several fics by both of these authors, but the only one I go back and read is "Apocalypse Laterish" By Metaforgirl. The story has plenty of angst, but there's some schmoop and funnies in there to lighten it up some, it's kinda dark too but It all ends gooood, so don't wimp out. It starts out Spangel, but ends as Spander.  This story has eighteen veeeerry long chapters. Warning: This is  slash fiction. Death of a character. Note. If you do not like stories that don't end well do not even begin reading "Who Wants To Live Forever."


The Fanfiction of LitGal

There is Sentinel and BTVS fic here. Okay, the stories here are kinda dark and angsty. But they end well. So with that in mind there's not a story she's written that I haven't read at least four or five times.  The newest updates to her stories can be found on her LJ @ . Warning: Some of her stories can be very angsty and dark to begin with, but they end up good. I love em all but if I had to choose, I think I'd choose "The Second Verse" universe.


The Agency

This is a Once A Thief fan fiction archive. There are many great stories here. Most are slash fiction. My particular favorites are:

Carpe Noctem: This is a OAT/Kindred crossover. Mostly M/V but there is some Cash/Mac also. Warning:Some angst, but not too bad. This is  slash fiction.

Pretty Baby: This is a M/V fic. There is some angst in this story. Warning this is slash fiction.


Shadow's Alcove

Lots of great fic here. Multifandom: Blazing Saddles, BTVS, CSI Miami, Due South, The Sentinel, Sahara, and original fic.

My fave here is in the BTVS category;

"Twilight Time" , this is a  fantastic Spander fic. Warning: H/C, child abuse, this is slash fiction. 


Scribe's Scribbles

 This site has some great fic of all kinds mostly FRAO and slash. So go on in and look around. Click on slash fic to get to these two stories.

My faves here are:

Child of the Night: A slash retelling of Dracula. Excellent fic! up to one hundred and ten chapters so far. This is another all nighter. Warning: Lots of angst in this fic, non con, violence, reference to incest, child abuse, this is slash fiction. It'll all end up good. This is a WIP, regular updates are posted to the Yahoo group before they're posted on the website.

Scroll down to Miscellaneous Slash to get to these two.

Clean Sweep & Clean Cut: The adventures of Clive the leather hairdresser. This is great fic. Warning: Light D/s, non con in the first story, abuse in the second, H/C,  It all works out good in the end. This is slash fic.


Fiction by Alexandria Brown

BTVS and Boy Band fic.

My Faves are in the Buffy section:

"Waiting Here" is a Spander fic. It's a very good story. Warning: This is a little more angsty than some other stories. This is definitely a H/C fic. Non con, incest, child abuse, self mutilation. It all works out in the end though, so gut it out.

"Brown Paper Packages" is a Spander smut fest, LOL. Warning: this is slash fiction


The World Of Echos Revenge

This is a multi fandom site. There is lots and lots of great fic here. Just get in there and browse. Most of it is slash. It's very hard to pick out  just one or two fics. Ya know it's kinda like trying to eat one m&m out of a whole bag.

Two of my faves are found in the hosted authors section:

"Nexus" by Raksha: This is a X/Angelus/Angel fic. It's wonderfully written. I've read this story, I know, a dozen times at least. It does have some areas of high angst, but if you gut it out to the end it's worth it. It's twenty five chapters long, twenty six with the epilogue. Yes, it's another all nighter.  Warning: Some graphic abuse physical, mental and emotional. This is slash fiction.

"Caritas" is the sequel to "Nexus." Warning: This is slash fiction.


Stories by Willj

Oookkaayy every single one of these stories is excellent. I can't pick and choose, so you'll just have to read em all, LOL. I adore this author. These are strictly Xander/Angel, or Xander/Angelus/Angel fics.

 Warning: Most of these are angsty at the beginning, several have some type of physical, emotional, mental abuse.  A couple have non con.  There be MPreg ahead. But every one of these stories end up good, so don't worry. There are plenty of warnings for each story so, I'll leave you to it.




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