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Assignment Two

Here is how the assignments will work for this term. Below are different sections, each one worth a different number of points. All you have to do is pick any section totaling 60 points, 30 for the homework and 30 for the extra credit. You can do any section you like as long as it equals to 60 points. However, anything past 60 points will not be graded.


Please send all work in a single email to vampires.media[at]gmail.com. Replace the [at] with @. Your email subject should be Assignment 2- HOL I.D- Name. For example: my subject line would read Assignment 2- pr_dap-Professor Daphne Marin-Booth. Please do not send assignments as an attachment.



Matching: Worth 20 points

Match the descriptions to the correct person. For the answers, I just want numbers and letters. Example: 1. A or 2. E (These are not the right answers so don’t copy them.) Each answer is worth 1 point a piece.

A. Max Schreck

B. Gary Oldman

C. Bela Lugosi

D. Gerard Butler

E.  John Carradine

F. Willem Dafoe

G. Wesley Snipes

H. Richard Roxburgh

I. Christopher Lee

J.  Brad Pitt


1. This man played a vampire who was considered a day walker, a vampire who has no aversion to sunlight.

2. An almost rat like appearance, with long claw like fingers, a bald head, hollowed face, pointed ears, and exceptionally long rodent-type fangs

3. In the Dracula movie played by this man, the director linked Dracula to a biblical source.

4. This actor was buried in his Dracula costume.

5. Alongside Hugh Jackman, this man appeared in the second grossing vampire movie of all time.

6. This man stands at 6 foot 5 (roughly 2 meters), has a dark and exotically handsome physique and has a trademark intensity.

7. After beating out Viggo Mortensen and Gabriel Byrne for this role, this actor was able to shift from a deranged vampire to a charming prince.

8. Played the first Dracula ever on television.

9. After playing Max Schreck in a movie, this actor received an Oscar.

10. Played in the movie Interview with the Vampire alongside Tom Cruise.


Multiple Choice worth 20 points. Please pick the correct answer(s) for each question. Some may have more than one correct answer.

1.       Who has played the role of Dracula more than one time?”

A.      Christopher Lee

B.      Bela Lugosi

C.      John Carradine

D.      Wesley Snipes

2.       What 1896 film was the first vampire movie?

A.      Le manoir de diable

B.      Nosferatu

C.      Dracula

D.      Blacula

3.       Which of the following movies are centered around female vampires?

A.      Underworld

B.      Dracula 2000

C.      Van Helsing

D.      The Hunger

4.       Will Smith stared in the remake of this 1954 novel.

A.      Deafula

B.      Nosferatu

C.      I Am Legend

D.      Underworld

5.       Frances Ford Coppola produced which vampire movie?

A.      Interview with the Vampire

B.      Blade

C.      Dracula 2000

D.      Bram Stoker’s Dracula

True or False: Worth 10 points

1.       In the movie, Shadow of a Vampire, Dafoe plays Dracula.

2.       Will Smith played in the movie I Am Legend.

3.       The character of Lestat has been played by two different actors.

4.       Daywalkers are vampires that have an aversion to sunlight.

5.       The movie Deafula was done in sign language.


Fill in the blanks: Worth 10 points

1.       She is ___ but terrifying with a __ __ ___ quoi kind of ____.

2.       Blade doesn’t feed on ___ or ____.

3.       The film also has a ___ vampire bat versus ____ scene in the ____ ending.


 Short Answer: Worth 10 points

Take a movie we have talked about in this lesson and tell me about the vampire character(s) in the movie. What are their strengths, weaknesses, physical traits and how do they carry themselves. You don’t have to use these ideas but make sure to describe the vampire you chose.


Word Scramble: Uncramble the following words. For example: apmarh d neinm would be Daphne M. Marin. HINT:  The spaces between the letters indicate how many words and letters each number has. Worth 20 points

1.       lale  bgoisu

2.       stelehricp  hre

3.       dana  lmogyr

4.       nelaf  rnaaklgl

5.       rarc  hinnjoead

6.       xiarogh  rcburhcrd

7.       rbtger  aulred

8.       nwsysp  eleesi

9.       nethcraie vnuende

10.   tkea  cbeiknaesl