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Stringed Thing

Welcome to my Recorded & Performed Music section. What follows is a selection of some older recordings I've done; it's primarily vocal/full band covers, jazz guitar pieces, along with some others. To be perfectly blunt, all songs on this page are arranged in the order in which I like them, from best to worst (best to worst within each section: that's best to worst Instrumentals, and then best to worst Vocals, with the last section being in order from first to last performed song that night). Each link should take you directly to the respective mp3 file (for which I recommend Winamp for playback in Windows, and I-have-no-idea-what for Mac and -ix users). Also, see below each song description for a file mirror. As always, enjoy, and see below for all relevant links and song details.

~Covers - Vocal (2007)~

By the HAX
My full cover of Red Hot Chili Pepper's gorgeous "By the Way." Yes, the "bass" is a guitar part synthetically altered to sound one octave down. Yes, I now own a bass guitar. This can also be heard on my Myspace page.

My full cover (the most recent recording on this entire webpage) of System of a Down's *cover* of "Metro," a song with great meaning in my life. See above regarding the bass. This is also my first recording since 2000 with "live" drums (tee hee). Also, if you're listening going "WTF?"..please do me the courtesy of waiting until the first chorus.

Lonely HAX
My full cover of System of a Down's "Lonely Day" (and "most loneliest" is an awesome line, so deal, plox). I added violins to this, primarily because I literally *cannot* reach the highest notes near the end of the song. Also, there are at least 3-4 layers to the guitar solo, in case you're wondering. This can also be heard on my Myspace page.

HAX School Hollywood
My full cover of System of a Down's killer "Old School Hollywood." Long. Live. Daron.

HAX and Seek
My full cover of Imogen Heap's heart-wrenching "Hide and Seek" vocal. I added guitars to the layers of harmony and ambience. Obviously, I'm no match for Imogen's vocal prowess, but I intensely enjoyed creating this, and it's the most challenging piece of work I've ever been a part of, without exception.

My full cover of Billy Talent's energizing "Red Flag." Also my first multi-track recording since 2000 (and an absurd improvement). I learned a *lot* in recording, mixing and mastering this song. Also, no: I can't sing as high as Benjamin.


~Covers - Instrumental (2000)~

In 2000, at the height of my involvement in the Winthrop University Jazz Guitar Ensemble, I decided to experiment for the first time with multitrack recording, and the results are all the files you see below this writing (aside from one). A note: when I use the term "faux-bass," I'm referring to the fact that I've never owned a bass guitar, and had to "fake" all respective bass parts on guitar, and then adjust them later on to sound an octave lower.

Autumn Leaves
This is me performing a jazz arrangement of Autumn Leaves. All guitars, faux-bass and drums are performed and recorded by me, in my former bedroom. This piece was a favorite of mine throughout my years in the Winthrop Jazz Guitar Ensemble, and is also a beautiful standard.

See "Autumn Leaves" above, only not quite as fun.

Take 5
So many songs are in 4/4 or 3/4 time...why not 5-4 for a change? I love this song, and had a blast recording it in a manner similar to Autumn Leaves.

It was only after laying down the drum track that I realized I had played this way faster than I could truly handle it; made it a bit more fun, though. I'm particularly happy with my Walking faux-Bass line in this one, which I wouldn't have known a thing about without the help of my guitar ensemble professor.

~Originals - Homicide (1997)~


In or around my 7th grade at Clinton Central Middle School, I decided I really wanted a drum set, and to spare you the gory details, I ended up in a metal band which spanned from approximately then to my senior year in high school, with various bandmates. In the end, it was myself, Colin (guitar and vocals, although we were solely instrumental for the first few years), and Matt (bass guitar) enjoying ourselves whenever we could get the chance. Absolutely no profit was made, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless, in and around the county, playing at events such as the St. Patrick's Day Parade, as well as a bowling alley, a bar, a performing arts center, and every Battle of the Bands we could get ourselves into.

At the conclusion of our junior year, our band finally placed 2nd in the Clinton Central High School Battle of the Bands; no easy task in a place where metal was not exactly what you'd dub "beloved." We were also genuinely excited to be playing all original songs that year, as we typically played mostly covers throughout our 5-6 year history. I once had many recordings of our various rehearsals and shows, but sadly, all of them were left behind in my separation last year. Thankfully, prior to that event, I managed to record our CCS BotB '97 performance to my computer, where I've remastered it for what I hope will be your enjoyment. The recording, of course, leaves a few things to be desired, but overall, it should give an impression of what "we crazy kids" were up to year after year. The mp3 files below are arranged in the order in which we performed them. Also, see below each song description for a file mirror. And yes, we were called Homicide. Enjoy.

Just us

This was our opener, and was always a favorite of ours. I think we made more than a few Clinton-ites jump when we rolled into the "China-boy cymbal 4 count," especially after they started to get restless during the opening. Sadly, this ended--literally--on a sour note (as you can hear the out-of-tuneness of Colin's guitar; mine'd be out of tune too after all the pounding it took that day), but overall, I think we pulled it off nicely. "You haunt me," Colin screams. Haha!

Born to Die
This song was always a favorite at practices, too, and gave me a much-needed break (although, some of those drum fills were murder). Cheer Matt on during his bass solo for me. "Noise, come on!" Colin yells at the Clinton-ites.

El Camino
This piece was just painful for me, as I always had trouble playing fast one-handed hi-hat and ride cymbal patterns. Still, it was always a blast, and gave the Clinton-ites a much-needed dose of punk. I think Colin once said the title refers to a car.

Fade Out
"This next song is a cover of a Celine Dion song." Also a band-favorite to practice on, I vaguely recall the day we first created this song: the other two suddenly stopped playing, and I just suddenly..kept playing. My significant other at the time seemed to enjoy the drum solos nearly as much as I did. I think this made a nice closer to the set; unfortunately, the video tape that was the source audio for this recording ran out near the end (the best part, of course), and I was forced to cobble together the end of that tape's audio with the beginning of the second tape's audio (which, of course, landed right in the middle of the song's final cadence).



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