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Welcome to my Original Music section. Currently, you can find most of my worthwhile original compositions at my new home of Most of them are older works. I hope to add new original pieces to this site as time and inspiration allows. Below, however...



~Originals - Orchestral~

Sara (2007)
My second original orchestral piece of 2007, this is my first time ever completing a serious, original work meant for a game; in this case, a theme for a character named Sara.
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Prelude and Waltz in A. Major (2007)
My first original orchestral piece of 2007, this is also my first "traditional" work, consisting in this case of a long "introductory" prelude in 4/4 time, followed by a 6/8 waltz. Enjoy.
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Journey From Solitude (2006)
My first original work in several years, this orchestral piece can best be described as a chronicle of the last 14 months of my life; turbulent, with moments of hope,   satisfaction and fun, as well as sadness, loss, uncertainty and anger. So far, it's the only original composition I've ever produced that I'm proud to place on my website. Enjoy, and please send along any comments you might have.
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~Originals - Chamber & Piano~

Lightly, Now (2007)
An original solo piano piece.
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Mello (2007)
This, my first-ever original wind quintet piece, is dedicated to my father, for his birthday, and always. This is undoubtedly--and purposely--the most "mellow" piece I've ever written.

Harpathy (2000/2007)
Originally written around 2000, this short piece (for harp duet) has just recently been updated for 2007.

Displacement (2000/2007)
Originally written in or around 2000, this short, unsettlingly-happy piece was screaming "update me" every time I happened by it, so over the course of the last 24 hours, I decided to rearrange it for a 5-piece percussion ensemble (in this case, 2 marimbas, xylphone, vibraphone and glockenspiel). I think that the update is worth a listen, if just for the rhythmic and melodic motifs I've chosen to wove throughout the ensemble.

For A. Rose (2007)
My first-ever brass quintet original piece is dedicated completely to my sister. In light of this, please don't mistake the song's title to be "For a Rose" is, more accurately, for Alexandra Rose. I honestly don't know if she'd appreciate and/or enjoy it to the fullest at the moment, but one day, I hope she'll be able to. No matter how you look at it, this is for her.
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Serenity's Call (2007)
For my first original piece of 2007, I set out to compose a string quartet piece not very unlike the infamous "Canon," but not particularly like it, either. I think it develops quite well, and I'm happy as could be with the results: in my opinion, the second-best original piece of the few I've written over the years.
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Shadows, Rain and Uncertainty (2006)
My first-ever original piano piece, this could almost be considered a continuation of the experiences chronicled in "Journey From Solitude" below. As the name implies, much of the scenery around here--especially this time of year--is rainy, I reside downstairs, where it's the most shadowy, and varying levels of uncertainty dog nearly each and every move of mine since "D-Day" last year. Thankfully, I've excorcised my share of demons in composing this piece, and I'm pleased with the results, not to mention that this piece turned out differently than just about anything I've ever composed or arranged.
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New Distance (2000)
If memory serves, this was my second-to-last composition project for my sequence of four Music Theory courses at Winthrop, and is a short but fairly enjoyable original piece for 4 alto saxophones, all recorded by me.

Gry (1999)
This strange word/suffix was brought to my attention by my guitar ensemble professor, and I decided to use it as the title for my last Music Theory composition project at Winthrop. It's a fairly unusual but intriguing original piece for 4 electric guitars (peformed and recorded by me). Doing chord analysis on this piece was...exciting.


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