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Vampire Hunter Dan-OCR
    My music page at Overclocked Remix (grower slightly more populated by the half-year).
Vampire Hunter
    My "home" on; details can, of course, be found in the music section.
Vampire Hunter
    My "home" at; let's be friends (mwa ha haaa...).
    A website featuring many arrangements and "remixes" of pre-existing video game music; VGMix 3 is currently under production.
Time & Space: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda
    The original release of the OneUp Studios album, on which some of my work appeared; no longer in print (eBay would sometimes be a source for purchase).
Winthrop Guitar Ensemble
    The Winthrop University Jazz Guitar Ensemble, of which I was once first chair (during my sophomore year in "Ensemble 2").
Winthrop Symphonic Band CD
    The only Winthrop Symphonic Band CD, recorded in 1999, with myself (and others) on 2nd alto saxophone.

Friends & Family

Joanne Marie's School of Piano
    My mother's long-respected piano school, with a wide range of students, credits, visitors and recitals, based in the Carolinas.
The Piano Lab
    My Aunt's long-respected piano school, based in Upstate New York.
    The website of my brother, Dave, a well-liked music teacher in the Carolinas.
Cat-Flick's Page
    From politics to garbage we'll miss it.
Anime 'n' Stuff
    The virtual home of another kind, anime-appreciating friend, Torako.
    The Myspace home of an old friend and guitarist/chef from Upstate New York.
    The Myspace home of an old friend and bassist/percussionist from Upstate New York.
Musings of a Cluttered Mind
    The virtual home of a kind, anime-appreciating friend, JFeeple.


    I would likely be a very non-musical person right now were it not for this long-talented band.
     A musical legend, and one of the only people alive who--IMHO--has every right to be arrogant (not that he is, necessarily).
They Might Be Giants
     A truly different band from New York, and one of only two bands I've now seen in concert twice (once at the Orange Peel, for which they wrote a song).
Megumi Hayashibara
   An enduringly-talented Jpop singer and anime voice actress.
Maaya Sakamoto
    One of my absolute favorite singers (Jpop or otherwise), I was first introduced to Maaya with her role as Hitomi in the epic anime series Escaflowne.
The Alfee
    A little-known (in the US) but extremely talented Japanese metal band, The Alfee often incorporates piano and orchestral elements into their electrifying music.
Yoko Kanno
    A brilliant, ecclectic anime and video game music composer, she is an absolute inspiration.
Nobuo Uematsu
    One whom I (and many others) consider to be one of the most talented composers of our time (witness Final Fantasy).


    A truly awe-inspiring website, and well-used here at Journey Fantasia.
Google Earth
    I was late in discovering this last year, but it's a truly amazing device developed by the creators of our very best search engine.
    A few years ago, after too many popups and too much awful spyware, I switched to Opera for all browsing; I highly recommend it, now completely free.
Anime Web Turnpike
    The age-old Anipike, where I always used to go to find any and all information on anime.
    Long involved in the US anime scene, their now-defunct chat room (run by Robert Woodhead) was a large part of my humble beginnings on the Internet.
Anime Song Lyrics
    My inspiration for removing the now-redundant anime music lyrics from my website.
Giant Robo
    Perhaps an acquired taste, but truly one of the most visually, aurally stunning anime series ever produced.
Michael McConnohie
    Long my favorite anime voice actor (not to mention the voice of my namesake).
Terry Gilliam
    Quite possibly the most underrated and talented English director of our time.
This is My House
    Fans of flash animation, bizarre, dry humor, and Zelda rejoice!
Overlooked Remix
    Not your typical VGM remixes, but amusing nonetheless.
Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer
    What every truly dedicated computer music enthusiast has long dreamt of.
Ninja Burger
    Send an order today to those you love.

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