Below, you'll find a small menu of branches to areas of my website--some interesting, and others less intriguing.

The Music section, appropriately, contains newly remastered versions of nearly all the music I've ever recorded and/or performed (including jazz guitar arrangements, me singing J-rock, and other such curiosities), and/or written (including original works at my new second home of and/or arranged (including my works from the "first edition" of OneUp Studios' Time & Space: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda, various original works, and various video game music arrangements from VGMix 1 & 2, Oveclocked Remix, among previously unreleased ones).

The Biography section provides you with somewhat-limited details as to my past, present, and what little I know of my future.

The Guestbook includes a link to e-mail me for those of you who--like me--are none too fond of javascript, as well as a link to contact me via IM.

The Links section has been updated and overhauled to reflect the myriad changes in my life recently.

The AnimEigo page is my collection of memories and contacts (specific e-mail addresses left out, of course) from the now-defunct AnimEigo chatroom, which I frequented heavily from approximately 1996 to 2000, and where I basically learned all about the Internet, and developed a few important, life-long connections.

What you'll no longer find here are so many unusual relics of my past, such as lyrics to songs by Megumi Hayashibara (whom I still adore), nonsense poetry, All Your Base mod artwork, and etc. If for some reason you desire these things, then feel free to ask for them, and provide me with copious amounts of laughter (j/k).


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