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Would you light my candle?

Update for 4 February, 2008...

My life continues in full swing. Also, *all* links to all songs on this entire website have been re-uploaded and/or fixed, and thank you to one Ocremix.org forum-goer for inadvertently letting me know that most if not all of them were dead. This site primarily provides access to the very best of my original, arranged, and performed music, all remastered (and in some cases, updated) for what I hope will be your enjoyment. Also, please keep watch at Overclocked Remix for further posts, as well as this space for further updates and--as time allows--further music. There *is* an orchestral piece to post for 2007 (and by far my best so far), in case you're wondering, but for currently-undisclosed reasons, I can't yet post it.

You'll note that many words on this site link to outside sources, and I hope you'll use this to your advantage, and take the time to enlighten yourself on the many subjects covered herein; because they're outside links, however, I highly recommend holding Shift (or Ctrl+Shift+Click in Opera) whilst you click each word or phrase, so as not to leave this site each time and have to come back again.

Stay well, Constant Browsers, and as always, I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you, just as you've now heard from me.

Sincerely, Vampire Hunter Dan, website maintainer

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."




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