World renown vampire fighter, Professor Bartholomew Dubbs is giving a weekend workshop on how to find and kill vampires at his Institute for Vampire Slaying.  Little does he know that his class has been infiltrated by vampires and the leader of their coven, Camelia Bumbescu is out to kill Dubbs
during the red moon to avenge the death of her lover 300 years earlier by Dubb's great great great great great grandfather Gunter Dubbs.  The good Professor has three assistants lead by by Samantha Wilson who try to help but how can they possibly compete against this odd band of misfit vampires.
   THE CAST    

Scott Ford - Professor Bartholomew Dubbs
Danielle Kelly - Samantha Wilson
Cat Gould - Camelia Bumbescu
David Salsa - Eddy
Zach Myers - Skip
Bob Armstrong - Stefan
Mallory Wedding - Angela Bumbescu
Kalindi Garcia - Flavia
Michael Meyer - Rusty
Cat Franklin - Bianca
Mike Wills - Leech
David Rowley - Ringo
Sig Dekany - Paul
Brittany Granstrom - Jailbait
Tamara Barrus - Gabby
Judie Erickson - Effie
Levi Anderson - BB
April Garcia - Bambi, Bethany, Betty etc.