Ray Nomoto Robison takes advantage of a photo op with the vampires in front of Darkwing Manor.  (l-r) Mallory Wedding, David Rowley, Kalindi Garcia, Catherine Franklin, Robison, Bob Armstrong, Cat Gould, Brittany Granstrom, Michael Meyer, Mike Wills

Director Ray Nomoto Robison with SFX Artist Randy Granstrom and "Jailbait"
Director Ray Robison with SFX Artist Randy Granstrom and "Jailboat" on first day of production of Vampire Camp

Director of Photography Levi Anderson fills in last minute
to play BB in the "Sex Scene".
Kalindi Garcia mugs for the camera while Director Ray Nomoto Robison reviews the shot list with 1st AD Patricia Snyder.

Setting up a shot of Danielle Kelly in front of Fir Street Studio in Medford, Oregon.  (l-r) Ray Nomoto Robison, Levi Anderson, Kelly, Danny Quilici

Scott Ford and David Salsa pose for the camera during a break at the Ashland Elks Lodge.

Sig Dekany (left) and David Rowley as Paul and Ringo, two former dueling vampire brothers from different continents.