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*2018 Fall*

Welcome to the
Virginia Association for Management Analysis and Planning (VAMAP)
and the Fall 2018 Conference!

The Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR)

will be held in our own state of Virginia this year,
and at the same time of year
that VAMAP has historically hosted its annual conference.
As you may know, VAMAP and SAIR are affiliate institutions
that share a similar mission and target audience.

In light of the opportunity to attend this regional conference locally,
VAMAP will be hosting its conference in spring 2019.
There will however be a number of VAMAP’s board members attending SAIR,
so if you have not already registered to attend as well,
we want to encourage you to do so as soon as possible!
We look forward to seeing you at SAIR!

For everyone interested in attending the spring ‘19 VAMAP Conference, keep on the lookout for our email announcements as we continue to provide you with conference updates!!

Lodging & SAIR Venue:
Norfolk Waterside Marriott
235 East Main Street Norfolk,Norfolk VA 23510

Norfolk Waterside Marriott

If you are not already a member of SAIR,
you can join by clicking through the button below: