Polly Anne Peacock. Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA.   

Valerie and I have worked together on various online websites, which are designed to display Artists works of all mediums. Valerie's work is simply spectacular! Her artworks which are action based,  such as her Native American Horses, are well thought out, designed and presented in a beautifully dramatic and eye catching way!  I am the owner of two of Valerie's paintings and I love them immensely! I would highly recommend her works of arts, for those who love not only animals (horses) but also who value nature and its inherent beauty!!"

 Valerie Anne’s dedication to her art and photography, developing and exploring her talent, designing varied art and artist networking/art selling sites is to be commended.

 I find Valerie Anne to be the caliber of artist that displays a wide and comprehensive knowledge of photography, digital editing software and computer science.
 It has been my pleasure to be associated with this amazing artist.
 Susan Bergstrom” December 5, 2010

 Susan Bergstrom, Elbow Canyon Artist Retreat Instructor, Elbow Canyon Artist Private Retreat.


Traditional Art With Digital Tools – “Tradigital”            Author Debi Peralta 17 September 2010

 Meet Valerie Anne Kelly (aka Valzart). This is where the rubber of digital art meets the road. 

 The image you see here titled Russet Lane'  was created using Corel Painter 11 / Photoshop CS4

 Valerie tells us this particular work was inspired by Keats’ poem Ode to Autumn (seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness). She calls her method “Tradigital”.                                                                   

I am so pleased to feature Valerie’s work this week. visit her profile at RedBubble. 

Knowing that she creates work like this digitally just astounds.


Carolyn Wright Arkansas.

Ohhh Valerie...what a wonderful site!! Its beautiful! Cant wait to watch your gallery grow, and I am looking forward to it. Love all your work!...but I really love your image Friendship :)) It makes me think of a gigantic book shelf, and much like life,  we all have our own individual storys, and expereances. When it is all said, and done, and just as the books are all knit toghether on the shelf. So one day all the many stories become "one" very beautiful image that manufests its self. I like the two trees, its like the garden of Eden, and the books are the story of all time :) It inspires me! Thank you!

The writing is Japanese for friendship'


Valerie is a magnificent Artist.Her artwork is very expressive ant totally gorgeous!

March 10, 2013, Elena worked directly with valerie anne at valzart.co.uk

Carolyn Buckley
Valerie/have watched your art for such a long time and have concluded you are highly
motivated, creative and hugely supportive of the ARTS generally
and can only wish you continued success.”

Jo Hoden

Owner of Jo Hoden Artist/Photographer
I cannot recommend Val enough, a true artist through and through, and will always make time to help others.
Her work, it speaks for itself.
January 22, 2011, Jo worked directly with valerie anne at valzart


Jan Happle 

Valerie’s art is incredible! She is a wonderful human being who’s inner beauty shines through in every one of her creations.


 Samantha Samarron, Owner, www.artundiscovered.com managed valerie anne at valzart

 Valerie is a pleasure to work with; she is a fantastic artist and communicates perfectly with me. 

 She is also a very lovely person and I am very privileged to know her” December 3, 2010