value determinism in media (English )

Value Determinism Theory of Media by Prof. Abderrahmane Azzi:

The theory views values whose essence are morals are the bases by which we measure the degree to which media impact either way on society. Values are views as an independent variable (single heavy variable)  while media are viewed as an independent variable. The theory draws on communication theoretical heritage of both Western and Non-Western context; thus it claims universality . Its concepts includes: media time, social time and values (moral) time;  media symbolic capital and values (moral) capital; sympolic space and values (moral)  space; social imagination and value (moral) imagination,language syntax and values (moral) syntax, etc. The theory does not negate other theories; it enriches them. 

Samples of studies of the theory:

Dr. Abderrahmane Azzi: The Morality of Journalism Ethics: Readings in Nursi's Theory of God Attributes, Journalism Studies, Vol. 12, Issue 6, 2011

Prof. Abderrahmane Azzi, "The Morality of "Al Jazeera Effect:" Beyond Apparent Diversity and Agitation," Journal of Contemporary Studies 
 of Media and Values, Vol. 1, Number 1, 2012, pp. 5-16.

Prof. Abderrahmane Azzi, Ethical Competence in the Information Age, IIS, 1998.

 For Brief Summary of Value Determinism Theory of Media or Value Media Determinism Theory (VMDT), download document "karim.pdf."    

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